6 Things Successful Social Campaigns Have in Common

6 Things Successful Social Campaigns Have in Common

Today, people use crowdfunding very often as a medium to raise funds from a large number of people via Internet. It is an innovative way to get people involved in your project. The crowd also contributes to various projects for multiple reasons. Since it is very easy to raise funds for projects where you offer fancy perks to your backers, and somehow it adjusts for the money they have put in. But where does the actual crowdfunding takes place?

Social campaigns are those where one can define what real crowdfunding is. People come together to support a particular cause without the intention of receiving something in return for their monetary contribution rather than just a feeling of self-satisfaction. These Generosity campaigns can either be run by Non-profit organizations or by an individual.

There are a few things which every Generosity campaign have in common, these are:


cause1. A Cause – To begin with a social campaign, there must exist a cause for which the campaign is being made. It will help you to ascertain your future proceedings as to what should be your target amount for the purpose, how people can get involved in what you are doing.

A Riveting Story2. A Riveting Story – While running a crowdfunding campaign, you must ensure that you have a compelling story. This helps in attracting more people towards the campaign thereby leading to more contributions. Also, a story is something that everybody likes to read, therefore, keep it simple and mesmerizing. You may want to see this amazing story.
Regular Updates3. Regular Updates – Posting regular updates is one thing that most of the successful campaigns have done. This help in keeping project owner in constant touch with their backers and welcoming them to support further. Also, by doing this the people who contribute find themselves as a part of the campaign resulting in a huge base of supporters.
4. An effective presence on Social Media4. An effective presence on Social Media – Getting a successful crowdfunding campaign done needs a lot of efforts to be made. It’s a full-time engagement which begins with making your presence on social media so impactful that none of your audience passes by without going through your campaign. You need to let people know about your campaign.
5. Images and Videos5. Images and Videos – As a picture speak a thousand words. Inculcate more of images and videos within your campaign so that even if somebody doesn’t feel like reading the text, he/she can understand your cause and the kind of work you wish to do by looking at your images and videos.

Rewards6. Rewards (Not Necessary) – For social campaigns, you may or may not include rewards within your campaign. There are campaigns which got successfully crowdfunded without the rewards also. So it depends solely on the project owner. One might invite their backers to volunteer for the social cause as a reward for their contribution.