9 Offbeat Crowdfunded Games You Will Love

9 Offbeat Crowdfunded Games You Will Love

Be it dice-rolling, coin flipping or mouse-clicking, games have always enthralled people of all ages. The mediums have evolved, and so has the element of fun. Making games the traditional way was never an easy task, but since the advent of crowdfunding more and more people across the world are turning to it for connecting with their audience directly. Tyrannical publishers have been replaced with loyal fans and enthusiasts who are more than willing to see passionate projects come to life. Add to it absolute creative freedom, and you get some of the most successful crowdfunded projects in the world. Here’s a list of some such games which captured their backers’ attention as well as their wallets.

1. Maha Yodha (Strategic Card Game on Hindu Mythology)
Maha Yodha
Maha Yodha is a two-player strategy card game set in the backdrop of Indian mythology. The players are assigned decks which signify their faction, each faction unique in its units and abilities. Also in the mix are powerful weapons and scrolls that add to the tactics of the game. The game is easy to learn but has strategic depth to it which is hard to master. The cards themselves are a visual treat, inspired by ancient Hindu legends. They also feature bits of trivia on them, because who said you can’t learn while playing?
Maha Yodha is available for purchase on Flipkart.

2. Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Originating from a business management game set in a sci-fi universe, Elite: Dangerous combines space adventure, trading and galactic combat. And it looks every bit as impressive as it sounds. Players can explore a realistic open-world galaxy based on the real Milky Way and even affect the narrative of the game through their actions. You can either be a humble businessman or a space pirate. Add to it massively multiplayer gameplay, and you have a game with endless possibilities on your hands.

Elite: Dangerous is available on Windows, Mac OS and Xbox One, with a PS4 version coming soon.

3. Thomas Was Alone
Thomas Was Alone

Originally a Flash-based browser game, Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle platformer. It revolves around simple geometric shapes representing AI with some level of sentience. The player controls the shapes to make them work together to solve puzzles and navigate through the levels. The game features snarky and humorous voice narration, and a simple but pleasing design that makes the gameplay a truly enjoyable experience.

Thomas Was Alone is available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS and Android.


Superhot is a first-person shooter with a twist. Like most FPS games, you have to eliminate enemies using guns and other weapons. But time within the game only progresses at the real pace when the player moves, which leads to complex puzzle-like environments in real-time. Players thus need to assess the situation each time and strategize accordingly, which makes for a refreshing first-person experience. The art style of the game is minimalist, featuring enemies in red while the backgrounds are white and grey.
Superhot is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

5. Hyper Light Drifter
Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D action role-playing game which pays homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit games from the 80’s and 90’s. The game features beautiful pixel art, exceptional sound design and exciting combat. The game is heavily influenced by classics such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo. Players control the Drifter, a lonesome wanderer with access to forgotten technology and who suffers from an undefined sickness. The game’s story was inspired by the lead designer’s heart disease, and has garnered critical acclaim across the gaming world.

Hyper Light Drifter is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, with PS4 and Xbox One versions coming soon.

6. Unrest

Unrest is a 2D role-playing game set in ancient India. You’re thrust into the middle of an uprising, with a set of characters and choices at your disposal. You can choose to have conversations with other characters in a certain way, using the detailed conversation system, which will affect the story accordingly. The game does feature combat, but it’s a risky proposition. If your character dies, the game doesn’t end there. The death, however, affects the next chapter of your game. Unrest is most appreciated for the decisions you have to make throughout the course of the game. Moral and ethical dilemmas galore, it also features hand-drawn art and a soundtrack based on ancient Indian music to create an immersive setting.

Unrest is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

7. FTL: Faster Than Light
FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a top-down spaceship simulator, in which the player controls the crew of the ship. Your mission is to deliver critical information to an allied fleet across galaxies and star systems, while being pursued by rebels. Each planetary system consists of randomly generated events that you experience, often being faced with choices that will make your trip easier or difficult. Players must face rebellious and hostile forces, recruit new crew and add upgrades to the ship. The combat is strategic and real-time. If your ship gets destroyed though, the game ends and you have to restart with an entirely new ship. The soundtrack of the game has been especially appreciated among reviewers, and the overall game received rave reviews around the world as well.

FTL: Faster Than Light is available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and browsers.

8. Gods Will Be Watching
Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is a point-and-click adventure thriller that centers around resource and time management. The game is set in a futuristic sci-fi setting. Players are placed in various scenarios in the game and are tasked with making decisions to try and avert a crisis. The group of characters that you lead are crucial to the game and will act on your orders. The decisions you make will often be moral dilemmas, and you have to do the best you can in each chapter within a fixed amount of time. Every chapter in itself is a life-or-death crisis event, and any mistake will lead to disaster. The game also features jagged pixel-art reminiscent of 1990s adventure games.

Gods Will Be Watching is available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and iOS.

9. Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a procedurally-generated dungeon crawling game. Players must manage a band of heroes to explore the dungeons below their inherited gothic mansion. A mixture of real-time movement and turn-based combat, Darkest Dungeon focuses on the stress level of each hero that increases with further exploration and combat. Characters undergoing a lot of stress may gain afflictions that hamper or enhance their performance in the game. If they go unchecked, however, they may affect you and your party adversely more often than not. This concept was added to the game based on movies featuring the traumas of combat stress.

Darkest Dungeon is available on Windows and Mac OS.

So there you have it folks. Different kinds of games on various platforms from all around the world that have managed to succeed using crowdfunding. Games are moving past the common notion of only appealing to gamers. And one way to support such creative endeavors is to fund them on dreamwallets.com.