9 Tips To Effectively Use Email Marketing For Crowdfunding

9 Tips To Effectively Use Email Marketing For Crowdfunding

Email, which was the main source of online communication in the 1990s, is the most underrated tool today. The recent advent of the social media has overshadowed its importance. This often leads to businesses making one of the most lethal mistakes out there – focusing more on generic marketing than personalised. Though this may have a high reach, collective marketing techniques (most characterised by social media targeting) has a much lower conversion ratio than sending customized emails to your contacts. Email marketing brings more to the table than a tweet or a facebook post due to its professional nature.

One can gauge the success of the crowdfunding campaign by analysing the traction it generates in the first two days of its launch. Hence it is pivotal for your campaign that you directly get in touch with your potential funders even before your idea goes live. Use the following tips to stay ahead of the competition –

Have An Extensive Email List

  1. Have An Extensive Email List This is emailing 101. You cannot generate robust mails without a substantial email list. To compile one, start with the people closest to you like your family members, friends and relatives. Then eventually branch out to workplace colleagues and business contacts. According to researches, 77% of the customers are more probable to buy a new product when they learn about it from their friends or family. Though, there is a catch here too. Do not email someone you don’t personally know. This can cause a dent on the brand value of your company and/or cause funders to think of it as spam mail.                                                                                                                      Include A Killer Headline
  2. Include A Killer Headline Headlines can have an instant impact on the click through rate of your emails. Although emails do have more impact than social media posts, it has to be made sure that they are actually clicked upon to be read.We can safely assume that your patrons must be receiving a ton a emails everyday, including promotional and subscription based ones. With a headline that creates a sense of urgency in the minds of the readers, it can be made sure that you stand out of the crowd. A good headline is usually characterised by offers and deadline details. For example – “Custom Illuminated Dog Collars – Get 40% Off In The Next 48 Hours” would always work better than “Buy Custom Illuminated Dog Collars. Limited Discounts”.                                         Have An Impactful Body
  3. Have An Impactful Body This would be your chance to cast an influential first impression on your primary customers, who would go on to spread the word about their experiences. So you need to start the email by introducing yourself enthusiastically and the details about the idea should be covered in the following lines. Use short paragraphs ranging from 3-5 sentences to grip the reader. If you have a website of your own, the best practice includes linking its homepage at least thrice in the email for a higher CTR. This can be done by linking the name of your company, or details about your idea, wherever they pop up in the body. After all the basic details about the campaigns have been deployed, tell your customers about the early bird offers before you sign off. Include a direct CTA link (discussed in point 6) at the end of the email body, which should take the reader to your crowdfunding campaign page. Now, exactly in the middle of the email body and after the campaign details, should lie the embedded pitch video. There would be no distraction of competition campaigns here and the video would entice effortless views.            Focus On Email Design
  4. Focus On Email Design Do not blatantly start typing mails and sending them out. Make use of proper professional templates that bring out all the details that you want to convey in a defined manner. There is nothing worse than doing everything right but ultimately making your funders miss crucial facts due to small misdemeanours. This is especially true for long form emails. Professional mailing tools like Mailchimp should be made use of to get                                                                                                                                        Send Out Mails Before The Campaign Launch
  5. Send Out Mails Before The Campaign Launch Do not wait for your campaign to start to email your contacts. Pre launch emails are the best bet to create awareness and eager anticipation in the market about your prospective groundbreaking idea. Also, it helps to raise money as quickly as possible in the initial days of the launch. Money collection graph is usually downward sloping, with each subsequent day bringing in lesser money than before. Therefore, the initial grip is what we are aiming for here. Usually 3 emails are sent out before the launch. The first one a week before, explaining all about the idea and informing about the launch date and website where donations can be made. The next email would come 2 or 3 days before the scheduled D-day and should include any offers or promotion codes you are offering to early funders. The final email is to be sent at the day your crowdfunding kick starts, reminding them about the details of the company and the offers available. This would also include an impactful Call To Action.                                       Create A Strong Call To Action
  6. Create A Strong Call To Action This is the cardinal part of your email campaigning. While designing the emails and choosing the templates for the job, make sure you give attention to the out bound links and the Call To Action (CTA). Placement is the key here. CTAs are generally created after all the details about the campaign are deployed and a response has to be solicited from the user. One thing that would go a long way in determining its success is thinking out of the box. Cliché CTAs like “Fund us today” or “Visit our website” are so overused that they have little effect left in the market. Instead, try curbing the call to action with offers (exactly like in the case of headlines) to initiate swift action from users. Example – “Click here to get your early bird 50% off today!”              Make It Personalised
  7. Make It Personalised If you are thinking of penning down a common email format and sending it out in bulk to all your contacts, this will not be any different from a tweet or a facebook post. You have to delve deeper into the practice and send out personalised emails to every address you have. Even if most of your email contains the same details, you should, at the least, address the recipient personally in the first paragraph. Such custom mailing would help your contacts think that you have taken out the time to personally send them invitations to be the funders of your idea, and hence would motivate them to better connect with it.                                                                                                     Use Email Marketing Services
  8. Use Email Marketing Services If your email list is too huge to manage manually, you can make extensive use of email marketing services like MailChimp or ReachMail which are easy and free to use. Other handy features like clocking the number of mail clicks will help you to understand better how your headlines or offers are working. Mails can also be automated to keep your subscribers on the roll. Moreover, there are a number of email templates to choose from. The right template would have the potential to drive more traffic to your website and hence improve your campaign results.                                           Create A Referral Program
  9. Create A Referral Program You can also subtly urge your contacts to forward the emails to connections on their list if they find your crowdfunding idea worth sharing. This can also be a part of a referral program where you can give additional discounts for a fixed number of forwarded emails. Details about the program and participation should be mentioned clearly at the end of the mail so that it acts like a CTA on its own, which gets the emailed forwarded down the chain of contacts.

Emails may be outdated today as a means of personal interaction, but they still hold an edge over other tools when it comes to professional communication. Follow these steps to make sure you tap their full potential.

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