A Welfare Organisation That Rescues Snakes And Treats Injured Birds

life on wings

Receiving an emergency call at RAKSHA, an animal welfare organisation for rescuing snakes or birds, is a part of the daily activity of the volunteers. The young animal welfare warriors of the city would run to the corners of the city to bring animals to their shelter home. Taking an initiative towards providing first aid, treatment and rehabilitation of injured birds, the organisation fosters them till the time they get ready to take flight.

“We have nine baby birds which are homeless and we are training them to become independent. They are being taught to pick grains from the ground and then we will teach them to fly,” informed Rohit Gangwal, president, RAKSHA. An online campaign ‘Life on Wigs’ was also started to support these orphaned baby birds.

Recently, a Cobra was rescued when an emergency call by worried parents informed RAKSHA volunteers that the snake was just near the bed of their daughter. Reptiles, after being rescued, are kept in specially designed boxes till the time they are released in the forest area.

A documentary making team from Philippines approached RAKSHA on Sunday to shoot a rehabilitation experience with them. “It was surprising that they had been following us for the last three years and wanted to film us,” added Gangwal.’

The team released three cobras and one monster lizard in the wild forest in the nearby area, as the excited movie makers filmed it.

The young volunteers bravely handle birds with cut wings and throats, fractures and are practiced to provide the right kind of treatment. “It is only after proper training that we are allowed to handle serious cases,” said Rakesh, a volunteer.

Story Covered By: DNA India