Go Raghav Go & Win the World Karate Championship!

go raghav go

Just to relax his mind from the continuous studies, Raghav joined Karate classes in November 2014. Soon this hobby of his turned into his passion. It did not take much time for him to realize his zeal towards the sport. Raghav won the Gold medal in Tamil Nadu State Karate Championship in February 2015 soon after initiating.

In June 2015, he won 5 medals in National Tournament and proved his potential and mettle in the martial art to his parents. He surprised everybody by winning three medals in 3rd South East Asian and Oceania International Karate Tournament.

After winning these medals and awards, he gained a lot of confidence, and now is dreaming to achieve more. The 11th World Championships for Cadets, Juniors & Seniors and World Cup for Children is to be held in Rimini, Italy from 23rd to 26th June 2016. By taking part in this International level competition, he wants to prove his perfection in karate.

Raghav knows that winning the World Karate Championship is not an easy battle. So, he is working hard to win the fight. He has enough time to prepare for this international tournament. Raghav’s family, friends, relatives and his social circle are also playing a significant role in his preparations for this global competition. They are encouraging, motivating and supporting Raghav to make his presence felt in the world.

Raghav belongs to a middle-class south-Indian family. He needs 3,00,000 rupees for tickets, accommodation, dress, gears and shoes. The only hurdle that Raghav need to pass is the money required for travel to Italy to take part in the event. He needs your help and contribution to achieving this goal.

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