How Short Film Makers can use Crowdfunding in India

How Short Film Makers can use Crowdfunding in India

Crowdfunding! Does this word sound familiar?

For readers who are fairly new to this concept, here’s what crowdfunding means– Crowdfunding, in simplest form is the new age fund raising, for your organization or initiative. You don’t need to go places physically, all you need is a workstation with an active internet connection. Yes, crowdfunding is raising money digitally, i.e., through the Internet. Dreamwallets is one such crowdfunding platform in India, where we assist you with raising funds for your project. Now, while this may seem an easy way out superficially. Realistically, along with hard work and persistence, a good project requires you to have a solid plan in place, something which has a clear vision and objective.

Before we take you further and explain how crowdfunding can assist you with your next film project, grab a notepad and pen, to jot down this must know and remember:

You would agree, that one checks all the boxes, before planning to purchase/invest. Getting an investor is not a child’s play, after all. So how does this work? Here are some points for you to bear in mind, before reaching out for help/assistance with crowdfunding for films in India.

1. You should have an effective plan in place – a story, with all ends tied together. A well-written script, mind you, not a WIP, and a defined execution strategy with locations, target audience cuts ice well. In short, be prepared for the dialogue!

2. A team to execute – Nobody ever won a battle alone! You should have a team, with diverse skill sets who can work with you on different aspects of film making- there’s no harm in dreaming of working with Rohit Shetty and team, the only difference is, your friend who walked around the college making random videos or the one blasting cars on his i-pad, could be your Rohit.

3. Design a creative pitch – Help the potential investor and contributor understand your concept and moreover, to push him to invest in your idea, is a major job. Half the battle’s won if your script is well-written, explaining all the plot points, thus, highlighting your USP.

4. This is where we start our role. You can now upload your idea/concept on our website and work with us in promoting it on various social media platforms. From here on, we take on the work to help you raise funds and provide you a direction to achieve your goals. We help you reach lakhs of eyeballs in a short span of time so that you are able to build a loyal fan base even before the movie is finished.

So, how does crowdfunding help filmmakers?

‘Crowd’ or in the Bollywood language ‘Janta janardhan’ is your well-wisher. They whistle when Amitabh enters the screen, go crazy when Salman releases a film during festivals, thus giving them another chance to rejoice, cry their heart out when they watch a documentary on Kargil war, come out in support of justice when they learn how Jessica or Arushi were murdered.

This audience can become your movie sponsor. You know what’s the best part of this type of financer? He gives you complete creative freedom to work, no change in your story, no change in your plans- whether you want a high beat ‘Sheila ki Jawani’ or a heartwarming ‘desh bhakti sangeet’, you are allowed your space and given an opportunity to explore thus allowing you tremendous creative control over your ideas. What more would a film maker want?

This very audience is also your harshest critic. They not only give you a pat on the back for a fresh approach towards social evils but also are brutally honest if the movie was vague and failed to impress. When you reach out to them for funds, and explain your movie concept, the script is your hero which will be open to honest criticism and compliments. This way, you would not only raise the required funds, but also will know the points which need to be re-worked , without getting into the hassles of reaching out to an expert movie critic, who charges you a bomb for review.

One of the directors who crowdfunded with us for this film project, titled ‘Pinjra’, said “it is not only funds where we budding short film makers face a problem, but actor drop-outs, locations, marketing for the movie, equipment, post production expenses, are some areas which also give us sleepless nights. Adding to this, unforeseen expenditure.”

What did we do? While helping them raise funds through crowdfunding, we also helped them get in touch with theatre artists, amateur photographers who owned cameras, filters and other equipment, music artists, all of these were more than happy to be part of this circus and agreed to work within a discussed budget. What’s great about this? Here’s a team of enthusiasts, within your budget, who are not only skilled but are also willing to take the concept of crowdfunding further, within their networks.

More than happy? So, what are we waiting for, let’s talk movies and creativity, give us a shout out and we shall take your project further.