How to Build Your Crowd & Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

How to Build Your Crowd & Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a way to raise fund for a project or idea, from a large number of people typically via the internet. To raise fund for your crowdfunding campaign you have to promote and spread the message of your crowdfunding campaign very effectively to these people. Now, the main question arises that how to build your crowd and where to promote your crowdfunding campaign to raise fund successfully? Here are some tips to find target potential backers across social media, news, and blogs which will help you to identify potential backers who have supported some crowdfunding campaigns in the past.

1. Twitter:
Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on TwitterThere are millions of people having a Twitter account. To drive website traffic organically and for direct engagement twitter is the best platform. So, we have to establish a posting strategy to build the genuine audience and to influence them to support and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. Use twitter advanced search feature to find the user with similar interests. This feature will definitely help you to identify the potential backers who will like to support your cause. Follow these people, research their profile to follow more potential backers, write an engaging content illustrating your idea of the campaign, be active and respond quickly to others also. Link your facebook page to twitter page to post tweet automatically. Write some additional tweets and also schedule some tweet so that at least one tweet is posted at every hour of a day. These strategies will help you to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your crowdfunding campaign.

2. Facebook:
Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on Facebook
Facebook has billions of users which is obviously greater than twitter users. It is the best platform to target specific potential backers. It enables to select the target audience in paid marketing. It is a very efficient tool to promote your crowdfunding campaign to influence the potential backers and supporters. Create a post having your project page link which will direct the interested users to your crowdfunding campaign. Right content and appealing images play a vital role in attracting people which will result in more engagement. Use a unique hashtag for your crowdfunding campaign while posting and sharing it on Facebook. Join some similar interest communities or groups and spread the cause of your campaign there also. Be active, respond to others post also and help out each others to build a trusted network.

3. Tumblr:
Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on TumblrTumblr is one of the fastest growing social media micro blogging platforms. A microblog is slightly different from a traditional blog as the content of microblog is smaller than a traditional blog. There are millions of active users on Tumblr. We can publish a post of our crowdfunding campaign using short sentences, images, and links which can easily raise the popularity of our project. It also offers the users to share a story which is very effective in driving more traffic to the campaign and engaging people. Tell your story in a blog post illustrating the problem which you are solving with the help of your crowdfunding campaign. This will definitely compel the users to react to your story.

4. Google+:
Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign on Google+Google+ is also one of the incredible tools used to promote a crowdfunding campaign. It also contains millions of active users. It also offers the users to join communities and share their thoughts and stories to drive more traffic and increase engagement. But the main benefit it is providing is the ability to create events and utilizing Google Hangouts. Launch the video event on day first of your crowdfunding campaign which will also creates an archive of that event on your YouTube account as well to engage more people. This strategy works very well for your crowdfunding campaign to attract many of the potential backers and will compel them to contribute to your crowdfunding campaign.