How to Spread the Message of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Promote Crowdfunding Campaign

You’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign… Now how do you promote it and how to get funded from the crowd?

Promoting your crowdfunding campaign is not like you shout over the roof for your campaign, and your friends and family member come to support you. Supporting a campaign needs detailed explanation, incessant follow-ups and a major time commitment and that you also need to be fearless about spreading the message of your campaign.

Crowdfunding is all about the marketing efforts and intelligent ‘grab the attention’ mode. There are thousands of projects that are seeking to get funded, so you need to stand out from such crowd. There are two important factors:

  1. First, identify your target audience and spread the message to them
  2. Second, you need to persuade them to support and contribute to your campaign.

To drive traffic to your project, you’ll need to spread awareness about your campaign with the people whom you know. A good idea therefore is to chase immediate friends and family for the initial traction. Afterward, when you get some momentum, you can start spreading the link to other people in your circle.
If you have exhausted sending the links, sending personalized emails is also an excellent way to strengths your relationships, which can have a real impact on your funding goals.

You can also make use of various online tools and technologies to help discover your visitors and backers. You can check the traffic details with respect to the source of your visitors or potential supporters so that you can put more efforts into those areas. Along with the analytics tools you are using, there are few freely available tools by which you can track your project statistics regularly to maximize the success:

  • Google Analytics offers an IQ area from where you can follow the information about users and their behavior. You can also integrate the Google Adwords Campaign with the analytics account that will help you to get deeper information and performance about your campaign ads if you are running a paid campaign as well.
  • YouTube is another strong channel that provides an audience-tracking tool to measure the performance of your YouTube videos.
  • is also freely available online tool to see the most popular links you have shared. This platform allows you to shorten your links when you add it to any page or post, and it shows stats like referral sources. By using this tool actively, you can easily track the number of views and shares of that particular link.
  • Twinitor is also a freely available monitoring tool that is focused on Twitter activities. It is helpful in tracking the tweets about your project or campaign.

There are few other fundamental ways to promote your campaign actively:

  1. Reach out and create business relationships with the leaders and high-profile Twitter users. It would also be advantageous if you can mention your campaign to their followers.
  2. You need to update regularly all the social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  3. Add the link to your campaign in your email signature.
  4. Prepare a story or write up about your campaign and reach out to the blogging platforms that publish such stories and request them to publish it on their platform. These stories will create a buzz about your story or idea.

There are numerous examples of amazing projects that have still failed due to their inadequate or wrong marketing efforts. These are some very basic things to consider to help you to promote your campaign, however, it’s all about your passion and excitement for your campaign. If you are not passionate about what you are doing then- expectations that strangers will fund your idea is being too optimistic?

Some of the crowdfunding campaigns get immediate success while others take time to reach their goals. So you don’t need to be depressed when your project hits a silence curve. It’s a perfectly normal, and some of the backers support the campaign in the last phase of the campaign so just follow the marketing efforts and reach your funding goals!