Negotio – The Live Crowdfunding Event


India being the country with world’s largest youth population, is emerging as the Start-Up Hub and an investment destination. Today we are experiencing the era where people give up their highly paid jobs just to embrace the startup culture. These people are not just professionals with an experience of 8-10 years but also the young individuals who find it more captivating and inspiring. The notion of ‘Desirous job’ is being highly taken away by the concept of ‘StartUp’.
With Government becoming more proactive to promote budding entrepreneurs, there are lot more factors which hinder the path of these upcoming magnates. One of them is Funding. Though there are a lot of VC’s, and investors present to fund your idea, yet to convince them is not an easy job. This is where when Crowdfunding sails your boat.
LNM Institute of Technology, Jaipur recently organized “Negotio- The Live Crowdfunding” event. From the recognition of a budding idea to drafting a B-Model to pitch in front of an esteemed panel of investors, Negotio aimed to emulate the process of the growth of ideas towards a full-fledged startups accompanied by little help through funding made by the present live audience.

Other than the traditional B-Plan competitions, This Crowd-Pitch event dealt with an extra cutting-edge section introduced for the sake of differentiation, freshness and a whole new exciting experience for both the pitchers and the audience. People were entering the event premises, were required to pay Rs.200 and take over a “Funding-Voucher.” For the purpose of clarity, There is a need to state that this money is not the fees to the event organizers, but this will be wholly provided to each’s favorite start-up. Thus, they will be presenting their appreciation and feedback through the mode of this “Funding-Voucher”. In return, they get excellent networking opportunity with some of the well-known entrepreneurial minds of India along with a chance to watch the live pitches of some of the best startups of India.
One among the jury panel was the CEO of DreamWallets, Mr. Nikhil Agrawal. A qualified CA and an MBA by profession, Nikhil finds interest in guiding the rising entrepreneurs. Being an Investment Banker for last eight years, he holds the experience of both a highly expertise professional and a budding entrepreneur. “The event was a great opportunity for project owners who wish to fulfill their dreams by the support of the crowd and not just by giving presentations in front of VC’s and investors,” says Nikhil.