Sindhu Darshan – A Crowdfunding Campaign For Revolution in Leh Ladakh

Sindhu Darshan

Huge snow capped mountains, dancing spring valleys, floating clouds, and high altitude birds are what comes to our mind when we think of Leh Ladakh. The region is rich with mesmerizing natural beauty and captivating scenic routes. Along with being the most alluring places for tourists, it is significant to mention that Leh Ladakh is also among the most charismatic places around the country.
The area has got a great historical importance as the ancient and immortal Sindhu River flows here, on the banks of which one of the most ancient civilizations named as Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata (Indus Valley Civilization) flourished. Another salient feature of this place being culturally significant is the incarnation of Lord Jhulelal, due to which this place holds great importance as a pilgrimage. It has the ‘Gompa Monastery’, the oldest monastery that houses the Kandshur, the 108 volumes of Buddha’s teachings. The Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, which is a beautiful Gurudwara, constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak ages ago.
Not restricted to religious places, the region has many enchanting tourist destinations such as the Pangong Lake, which is the World’s highest saline blue lake. The Magnetic Hill also known as Gravity Hill is deemed as the wonders of Himalayan Mountain, where the gravity does the trick of pulling vehicles uphill. The Khardungla Pass is the world’s highest motorable way. The road is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks all around.

Leh Ladakh remains the center of attraction not only because of its beauty and the wonderful places but also because of its geography due to which it remain isolated from the rest of the country for six months during a year. Also, the region is deprived of natural and other resources for its livelihood, and there is a lack of education and employment opportunities as well.

Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti is an organization that works for the development and upliftment of the area and people residing in the region as a whole. The Samiti organizes Sindhu Darshan Yatra every year to resurrect Indian Heritage and to honor the brave soldiers employed in the region. People from India and many other countries join this Yatra in large numbers.

The Samiti now focuses on providing educational opportunities to the residents of this region. Since the area is located near to the border regions, along with the localites, the soldiers who are braving at borders and their families also miss out the basic amenities that are required otherwise. More importantly, children need to move out leaving their families behind for higher education and those who do not remain uneducated lowering the literacy rate. Therefore, the Samiti decided to give a lasting solution to this problem.

Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti is constructing a Sindhu Bhawan on the highest altitude in the world which will aim to provide educational facilities to the people of this region. The Bhawan will also act as the center for cultural and social events. The Education Center will provide learning of English, French & German languages, Mathematics, & technical education for local people and soldiers. It will also act as a hub for travel & study on Environment, Climate Change, a study on Buddhism and Agricultural surveys and study.

The Samiti has also arranged for the distance education by IITs and US – Universities for providing online education at Leh. Free accommodation will be provided to the students preparing for competitive exams like IIT, IAS; with the facility of a reading library. Regular counseling and mentoring sessions will be conducted for the students.

As the initiative is led by the Samiti for the headway of mankind, it is not restricted to any organization or place. You can also be a part of this development! Support this crowdfunding campaign on and make yourself a proud associate of this revolution!