Students Experience In Interstate Living (SEIL) sponsored by ABVP


Students Experience In Interstate Living is an initiative of ABVP, which aims at national integration and yields a sense of brotherhood among the people of the North-east region of India. SEIL by ABVP initiated 50 years back when a few students from Arunachal Pradesh came to Mumbai for their studies, and they were adopted by a local family to ensure that these students complete their studies before returning to their hometown. This initiated the cultural and educational exchange tour where students within the age group of 15-20 years from North-east India are made to stay in the local families to give them a sense of belongingness and thereby promoting unity and emotional integration within the nation.

North-east India also called as the’ Land of Seven Sisters’ due to the presence of seven states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya. Being home to more than 166 tribes following different beliefs and cultural traditions, North-east region of the country truly represent the ethos of our great nation. The blue hills, green valleys and most importantly the people living there make the region unique.

Due to differences, the people of this region feel left out from the rest of the country. The program focuses to instill the spirit of unity among the heart and mind of youth. The students of the North-east region and their families experience a lack of exposure which gets fulfilled with this cultural exchange program.
A group of delegates from the north-eastern part of India travels to the north and south of India. There, they are made aware of the culture, food and heritage of the various states that they visit. It includes site seeing, citizen’s reception program, historical place visit, cultural programs, interaction with notable personalities of visiting place, etc. Being a part of this tour gives the “feel” that even in diversity that we are one in soul and heart.

SEIL has widened its activities contributing to the overall development of an individual. It initiated skill development programs to ensure that students don’t get attracted to various inhuman activities such as terrorism. To depreciate the rate of such antisocial activities prevailing within the students, a Yuva Vikas Kendra (YVK) has been build where students are given internship opportunities in various sectors all over India.

In the journey of last 50 years, SEIL has excellently achieved its goal of promoting unity in diversity.