The Butterfly Project To Empower Women With Entrepreneurship

The Butterfly Project

Indian women which once was considered as the epitome of tenderness, care, and wisdom, is now no more just a home manager. Politics, Finance, Defence, Medicine, Education, be it any field, women are nowhere lagging behind.

Not just that they have succeeded in meeting the high demands of profession but they have also proven themselves efficient enough to handle their professional and personal lives altogether.

Although there is a rise in the culture of embracing entrepreneurship all over the country, yet people do not wholeheartedly accept women entrepreneurship. They are frozen at the scenario where women are find more suitable at cooking, handling family and homely matters and not going out to prove themselves making the maximum use of their capabilities and, thereby, contributing to the society.

Recently, an NGO based in Jharkhand named as JASSSI has taken the initiative to empower the women of Jharkhand. They have started a campaign called “The Butterfly Project” to empower segments of society which have been long exploited and suppressed. The Butterfly Project is the initial step to empower women entrepreneurship in Jharkhand.

In Jharkhand, most of the women are the solely employed person of the families, and they are not able to do what they dream, they couldn’t buy anything they wish.

Women with all the skills, education, aspirations can create a better social impact, and they can contribute much more to the society.

Key areas of the Butterfly Project are:
1. Gender Diversity
2. Women Empowerment
3. Child Protection and Empowerment

The Butterfly project is an initiative to provide a complete set of information to women about creating a venture and drafting a business plan, funding, government schemes, rules and regulations and more. The campaign also focuses on helping the women to strengthen their communication skills as well as digital marketing skills so that they utilize for the enhancement of their venture.

The campaign will be a live event which will include the 1-Day workshop on following areas:

• Business Plan Designing
• Marketing
• Communication Skills
• Bank Loan / Funding Options
• Tax Consultation
• Legal Consultation

After the event, a group of Mentors will hand-hold Top 10 Business Ideas as a part of the evolution of ideas.

Risks & Aspirations:

1. Jharkhand state may be known for the global industry leaders, but the entrepreneurship doesn’t have a standard acceptance in the society. So the groups that would be participating in the event will need different and unique teaching methods to create necessary impact.

2. The evolution right now is driven by passionate Counsellors who are based out of Jharkhand by sharing available funds. For a business to “run it” there could be a dependence of fundraising.

You can support the campaign which focuses on building and empowering Jharkhand women on Dreamwallets, a reward-based crowdfunding platform.