26/11- A Tribute to the martyrs!!

by Hemant Amrute

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About the project :

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We are organizing a musical concert at The Gateway of India, Mumbai to pay tribute to the braves who fought for the safety of all of us during the 26th November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. A small portion of the funds raised through this campaign will go for supporting the event and remaining to support the families of those who sacrificed their life fighting for us. We wish to raise funds to not only support the families of those who sacrificed their life for us but to also show the indomitable spirit of Aamchi Mumbai.


The serial attack on India’s some of the most iconic addresses on the dark night of 26th Nov in 2008 is a day that would be remembered for ages to come. The ghastly act left a tale of destruction and losses of life and property beyond imagination. It has been 7 years since the dark day and there can still be scars seen on the life of the hundreds who braved the assault- some who lived to tell the tale and some unfortunate ones, whose families live to share the pride in their sacrifice.

We lived because of the tremendous courage and valor shown by the personnel and at the same time we also mourn our brothers and sisters who were gunned down in this mad display of target less shooting and bombing.


We are organizing this musical night again this year at The Gateway of India with the Taj hotel as the backdrop. These are iconic structures of India can capture the Indian-ness in more ways than one. We hope that the open space will add to the grandeur and the evening promises to truly reverberate the culture that binds all of us – love for India. To add to this, we have performers like Rakesh Chaurasia, Purbayan Chatterjee, Luke Kenny, Taufiq Qureshi, Shradha Sharma, Salim Suleman as the proposed list of artists to make this evening a truly memorable one for the heroes of our nation.

This is a campaign for paying tribute to the Martyrs of 26/11. We will also help remember the martyrs as well as help support those who were affected by this incident. The heroes of the Mumbai Police need special remembrance. We also want to show the world the never say die attitude of Mumbaikars. Your pledge and support will help the families of those who have been affected by other incidents. Lets support to make Mumbai more united!!!

Risks and Challenges :

Weather playing truant is the only concern we have at this point in time. We have received the support of the government already and are expecting smooth operations otherwise.

Other Ways You Can Help :

a. If you are unable to contribute to the project financially, we still have a lot of areas where you can help. Nominate yourself to be he volunteers for the event and we can raise more awareness and concern to the cause.

b. You may also drop in to the event to show solidarity to the cause and to show that YOU CARE!

c. Share our project in Social media, every share matters as the collective voice echoes the globe in unison of our support.

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