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by Rama Prasad

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About the project :


At 11Signals Technologies, we have an age old, complex problem to solve. In every class a few bright, hardworking students always succeed. While average, below average students would hardly get into deep learning.  Is the problem with Teaching or Learning? And How to fix it?

Again if the student is disabled, learning is limited due to personal, economic and social reasons. As per WHO 2017 report, 1 in 7 people worldwide are disabled ( ). As a normal human many times we feel we have reached our limits. Many times its difficult to find inspiration. Now with the help of we can achieve more. Qurae is an AI, NLP based assessment platform for higher education. At Qurae, We help  teacher, students and disabled students with  fast, intelligent assessment platform. Now with the help of AI, Machine Learning and NLP technologies we can access information that empowers in a new way. Now we can see things that we haven't seen before. And now we can stand on top of what matters most. At qurae, we build technology that pinpoints the core teaching and learning problems. When we have the right tools, then AI extends our capability, we can tap into even greater potential.

Here is the sneak peek. Watch this 3-min video to get complete understanding of solutions qurae currently offers.

We are currently working on 4 major AI projects that solve core problems at higher education irrespective of user abilities.


  1. May 2016 – Idea
  2. Oct 2016 – First Prototype of the product
  3. Dec 2016 – Beta release of the product
  4. May 2017 – First major release
  5. Aug 2017 – Selected for Apple accelerator program. An initiative from Apple Inc.
  6. Aug 2017 – Over 971 active users by the end of August 2017.

What's Next ?

  1. Dec 2017 – Native Tablet and Mobile apps with Math editor
  2. Jan 2018 –  Accessibility support for disabled - first version.
  3. Feb 2018 – AI, ML Solutions that deeplearn the teaching and learning patterns.
  4. Mar 2018 – Harness the power the power of NLP to enhance User experiece and simplicity. 
  5. Apr 2018 – Voice based Math equation writing using NLP.

Each of the above release features dozens of new functionalities. like Native Tablet app supports secured assessment i.e; no access to other apps, keyword suggesstion, reboot restriction .... untill assignment is over. Our development cycle is endless with continuous improvement.


Keys to Success

At this time, we can’t precisely predict a particular feature that will be the key to the traction in market. Market is divided into many segments like innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. They can also be called as Tech Enthusiasts, Visionaries, Pragmatists, Conservatives, Skeptics. We have to cross the chasm at every segment. At each segment the expectations are different. The only way we can gain bigger traction and smooth transition across the segments is simplifying the technology to the best possible way and enabling better human interface.

Our goal at 11Signals is to build solutions with least complexity and better Human Interaction.

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