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by Swapnil Shrivastav

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About the project :

Who we are?

All of this began as a problem which we saw in Kochi while working on an international student competition and finding an answer to it led us to dream of changing the world. So a bunch of friends from NIT Calicut and some really cool people from Bangalore who believe in the mission came together to form Uravu Labs. There is a higher purpose which we strive for.

Why are we doing this?

At Uravu, we are on a pursuit to make human life sustainable, and our communities responsive and resilient by changing conventions and bringing innovative and creative solutions to real-world core problems.Starting now, we want to focus on one of the worst problems plaguing humankind - lack of clean and accessible water for everyone.

Our Product

We are building an off-grid water sourcing infrastructure for communities. This system will generate high-quality drinking water from the air around us. A system that is sustainable, scalable and smart. A system that can drive behavioural change. A system that challenges conventions. We are on a quest to completely rethink how we experience water.

Risks and Challenges :

The technology we are working on is challenging and needs many trials before we arrive at a point where we can make 

a highly efficient system which can produce water at low cost of Rs. 1/liter. The final product we plan to make will produce

upto 250 litres of water per day. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

Help us spread the word about this campaign and join our crusade in making human life more sustainable. 

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