Awareness about diabetes and thyroid through leaflets.

by Gunjan Nagori

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About the project :

In the small town of Halol in Gujrat, I and my father who is a doctor want to raise awareness about Diabetes. These days, a lot of people are getting affected by this condition which is mostly due the erratic lifestyle we live. We want to tell people that Diabetes can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular check-ups are essential to know the progress. 

We want to distribute pamphlets in and around Halol, to make people aware of the symptoms of diabetes and thyroid and to get them checked for TSH and HbA1c tests. 

We also want to collaborate with various pathology laboratories and make sure these tests are available at nominal rates. 

The pamphlets that we will be circulating will contain information about the cause and symptoms of diabetes, precautions to take if someone if already suffering from it and local laboratories details where they can get tested for FBS/RBS/PP2BS for Rs. 30 each and HbA1c for Rs. 130. These pamphlets will be printed in regional languages so that more and more people can read the information. 

The total fund required is Rs. 18,000/- Help us in making this possible and raising awareness about diabetes in our small town. 

Risks and Challenges :

Usually, people are ignorant about their health and sometimes they avoid it because the tests and check-up costs are high. 

We will make sure that these tests are provided to them at nominal rates of Rs. 150/- for both HbA1c and TSH.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Help us spread the awareness about this disease. Only knowledge will empower us to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take us towards prosperity. 

Share my campaign with as many people possible, it will help us raise awareness. 

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