Beautification By Greenery ?

by Aashish Jagiasi

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About the project :


Hello Iam Aashish Jagiasi,

Iam An Resident Of Ulhasnagar City.

Mob - 9922955500

The pitch:

Now that you have introduced yourself and your project, your backers would want to know more details about this project

In this project my idea and vision is to develop small parts of our city by crowd funding with a single person paying just Rs 10 for his own city, and by collecting these all money we will develop and beautify everytime a new place in our city and make it more greener.

There would be total transprency for the money which will be collected and used as any one of you can ask about the deatails of money spend to us and also we will publish all the details 

The Risk and Challenges:

The major challenge in this project would be the views of people who would think that its the duty of the corporation and goverment to keep our city clean and green and we already pay them taxes to do such things so why should we pay again via this medium,

Here is the catch to that thought that because of corporation and goverment has failed miserebly to do so we have to take things in our hands and by taking baby steps and contributing small amount as Rs 10, we can achive good results and graduallly our city would be greener as ever and also this would be a big slap to authority and may be then they could be awake and do some their work also.

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