Bharat Rojgaar

by Aman Sharma

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About the project :


About the project:

The United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) released its 2017 World Employment and Social Outlook report on Thursday 12th of January. It has predicted both- rising unemployment and worsening social inequality throughout 2017. Unemployment in India is projected to marginally increase between 2017 and 2018, signalling stagnation in job creation in the country.


‘BharatRojgaar’ will be an Indian job portal for non-corporate jobs. This web-based application will cater to the needs of the large Indian population who have not yet been assisted by the existing job portals.

In simple words, it is a single point to cater the needs of common Indians in a different way…

Just as you search for a maid, care-taker, painter or even masons; these skilled personnel might be looking for an opportunity. We aim to bridge this gap and help these individuals find a more secure source of income.

Demand and supply:

We intend to launch our service in Mumbai and further expand it to other tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Mumbai is the commercial, fashion and entertainment capital of India. The upper and the middle class population is significant and keeps growing every year and so the demand for skilled workers. It was estimated that the number of slum-dwellers in Mumbai was 9 million in 2010. Supply side is taken care by this 60% of population of Mumbai.

Revenue Model:

We will not charge anything from the job-seekers. We intend to generate revenue through advertisements on the website. This will be the prime source of revenue. We will charge for our service from recruiters. The charges will be variable. Services which are of short-term help, for example, plumbers, electricians, etc. will be free. Services including security guards, shop-assistants, maids, etc. which provide comparatively more revenue will be charged. In the initial phase, we intend to fund the campaign with equity.


Operational Model:

We will implement the above business model using a website by registering the domain name – The website will support Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Kannad and English. We aim to make it as user friendly as possible. It will ask for basic details like Full name, Age, Aadhar card number, Mobile number, Location, Job required (multiple entries), Skills (if any), Experience (if any) etc. Even for the recruiters, there will be relevant fields.

Depending upon the number of jobs offered, system will send SMS to some job-seekers asking them to reply if they are interested in the job. The interested job-seekers’ profile will be sent to the recruiter. For the illiterate job-seekers or those who don’t have access to internet connection, ‘BharatRojgaar’ will provide a helpline number where they can call, tell their details orally and get themselves registered. They can choose to enter their details using the Interactive voice response on the helpline number.



Awareness among our customers- the job-seekers, can be made through television and posters across the city. Extensive advertising has to be done in areas like Dharavi slums. Posters and audio advertisements in local trains will be very effective. Social media presence will create awareness among recruiters.



When the set-up in Mumbai functions as smoothly as expected, we intend to carry out the same plan in other metro cities of India. This will be carefully calculated as per the market demand and supply. The pool of job-seekers may then also come from rural areas. The operating model will undergo changes accordingly.

By the year 2020, the number of smartphone users in India is estimated to reach 444.7 million (which was 292million in 2016). It is expected that the digital literacy, smartphone penetration and ease of access will all keep growing in the coming years. We then plan to provide services through a mobile application. 

The type of applications (e.g. maids, care-takers, etc.)  may also increase and will be in-line with the demand of the market at that period of time.

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