"Bhavam" a video campaign on human emotions

by Joseph John ( Founder- Vingles Channel )

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About the project :


Who we are

Let me introduce myself as Joseph John, founder of Vingles Channel an online entertainment platform. We are a newly launched brand, but has a proven track record of making quality short films, entertainment videos and portfolios. 

Our identity

We are based in Kochi, Kerala (South India). You may watch our works and our online presence at below links

  • YouTube Channel : http://youtube.com/vingleschannel
  • Facebook page : http://facebook.com/vingleschannel/
  • Latest short flm : ORUTHI (hits 200k in 3 days)
  • Email address : business@vingleschannel.com
  • Contact phone : +91 9847010272
  • Website : http://www.vingleschannel.com


With our experience in short film making and with the talented crew, we are planning to come up with a video campaign which is titled as "BHAVAM" (means emotion). This will be a video campaign with a set of videos where each video or film would have a strong script that brings out the emotions in a human being. It will be irrespective of gender, age, religion but strongly supported by a powerful script that can keep the audience focused in each film.

We are planning to have around 5-7 videos (depending on the budget) with strong script where each one shows emotions like Happiness, Sad, Anger, Lust, Anxiety, Jealous, Fear, Romance/Love etc. The idea is to have each video to be kept as short films between 10-20 minutes maximum.


Risk & Challenges:

Being short films, these movies will not get a great returns like commercial movies. However, if there is enough viewership and subscribers, we might get some revenue from YouTube but not sure how much. Alternatively we will try to present them for Film Festivals prior to releasing on YouTube. We may have to cut down the number of videos depending on the final amount that we receive through the crowd funding process.

We are looking at investors who have a passion in this campaign and is willing to support our dream to come true. We can assure your visibility as an individual or as a business by showcasing your portfolio through our social media platforms and our business magazine website "The Local Trends". We can also give you discounted offer for promoting/managing your social media accounts if you are a company or needs online brand management.

To conclude, the assured returns from our end is that we can showcase you/your brand through our platforms.

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