Child Labour Eradication Programme

by satyanarayana raju

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About the project :


Rupa education and welfare development society was started and established under the NGO ACT in the year 1998 under the guidance of well educated and social responsible personalities like CiviI Servents, Professor, Environalists, Social Workers Etc

The Movement was started by theDignitariesies after observing the social environment of Kareemnagar and Adjacent Districts of Telangana. These Districts are socially away from the other areas of the State and slowly coming in to the Developed Stage.

We found the basic reason was lack of education and basically lack of awareness in the rights of citizens. We found most of the parents making their Chaids as one of the Earnings Roots. A major part were either not sending school or dropped out at the basic level with their poverty ultimately these children are becoming labourers.

With these observations the mobement started.We have programmed in such a way 

1. To bring the awareness in the literacy.

2. Improving Socaial awareness.

3. Growth and nurition fromthe basic level of the chaild.

4. Creating hope of the bright future of chaild in the parent.

We have approved not only educated and good mind people but sought the governemnet and got appreciation and permission o work for these under previlaged people at the basic level.

Under the program we have started counceling the parents on an individual basis and some time mass social awareness programs started putting back the dropped out children in to schools.

Here we have started our own classes to bridge the gap of dropped out period and putting them in to regular classes.We started classes along with hostel facility.We are providing seperate hostel accomodation for boys and girls seperately.

We are conducting the progromme batchwise.At present we are looking after 100 children batch with the available support from indivduals. With limited resources we are not able to meet the requirements of our inmates for stay and medical facilities.

Paralally the trust also conductig awareness programmes in te villages in the fields.

1. Social relationships to help others.

2. Nutrition and Health

3. Protection from common diseases with the environment maintainance.

4. Government  promoted welfare programs

Before asking the help from the individuals and institutions we are providing the basic projection of expenditure for reference.

We are approved by govrnment with the exemptions 1 Registration by Government OG Andhra Pradesh 2 Income Tax Exemptions with he certificates 12AA, 80G and FCRA.

Pease make a note of our basic expenditure per month

1. Rentals for classes accomidation and hostels                             50,000,00

2. Grossery and Domestic Expences 500per child                           50,000,00

3. Books,Stationary and Sanitation                                                 25,00,000

4. Salaries for teachers                                                                  70,00,000

5. Salaries for hostel staff and coos etc                                          40,00,000

6. Salaries and expences for social compaign staff                          65,00,000

7. Transportation and other mislaneous expences                            15,00,000

8.Compain and other mislanious expences                                      25,00,000


Monthly Expenditure will be Approximately                                     3,40,000/-

Projected Annual Requirement for Smooth Running                       40,80,000/-

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