Cluster Green

by Ajin V W

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About the project :

  • Cluster Green will be a platform helping famers to find Land and help them lend land in simple steps for farm or farming related businesses.
  • Cluster Green Units will help farmers in creating a Risk free farming model  and profile for getting investments ( profile will contain what type of farminghow long- cost- profit expected market).
  • Farmer will able to raise a Fund from the investors. Investors can invest by analysing the Farmer profile and the Farming commodity profile. Investor can be any one who is willing to invest in Farming or Agriculture based products or Small business. (will also use Crowd Funding Model)
  • Fund will be distributed to farmers through Cluster Green Funding platform. Also Cluster green will insure the plantation to minimise investors and farmers risk.
  • Cluster green Platform / Units will also helps in providing green/chemical fertiliser at low cost direct from distributer or manufactures.
  • Farmers can sell in mass scale to shops or huge buyers avoiding the middle men through Cluster Green B2B Sales platform.
  • Even Cluster Green Team can also market and invest and take products from farmers at good rates.
  • A Cluster Green Warehouse will be also available for Farmers for preserving products at a small rent rates.
  • Cluster Green Farming and Machinery Buying / Rental platform will be also available for farmers for effective farming.


Risks and Challenges :

  • Agricultural sector employs more than 50% of India's population and contributes to only 14% of the GDP.
  • The issues faced by the farming community are as follows: 

                  - Variable land ownership: Small amount of farmers have large area of land and large amount of farmers have small area.
                  - Farmers lack new skills and resources of modern agriculture.
                  -Banking policy's and lack of availability of loans for a successful farming.
                  -Unavailability / Unaware of Insurance facility.
                  -No Storage and Warehouses.


Other Ways You Can Help :

      Help us spread the word about this campaign. 

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