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About the project :


Community vibes is an attempt to create an end-to-end event management platform. Any event, be it a wedding or a conference or for that matter, a meet-up comes with a lot of requirements. These requirements include food, transportation, accommodation, entertainment- by no means an exhaustive list!

Many events also need to be marketed. With the rise of social media platforms, it's becoming ever increasingly important that brands try and reach out to their audience through these new-age platforms. There's a lot of other interesting stuff happening in this domain. For instance, the advent of chatbots are allowing many event managers and businesses effectively communicate the goals of their events and their businesses in a more interactive way.

Despite the availability of these new age tools which could help improve audience engagement and simplify organizing events, most event management companies and event organizers haven't been able to keep up with the times. This is where we come in.

What's our product about?

 Our product is aimed at two key segments:

For people organizing events: Our service will provide an easy to use interface that will enable one to easily select and book requirements for the successful organization of the event. WIth just a few clicks one will be able to book rooms, select the choice of menu, book transportation, find good sources of entertainment and fulfill just about any requirements by enlisting the services of local businesses that choose to be on our platform at special prices.

The platform will be freely available for this purpose.

Event organizers will also be able to enlist some other special services such as digital media marketing, public relations through chatbots and social media management.

For businesses: Our platform would serve as a way for local businesses to harness the economic opportunities presented by any event within their city/limits. It will serve as a way for them to easily present their services. Digital payments will enable quick and easy payments for the services they provide.

It will also allow new businesses to be discovered with ease. By enlisting on our platform businesses- no matter how large or small- would benefit with greater customer attraction, simplified payments and easier PR.

User Stories

Have you ever had the opportunity to host an event? Has the process of meeting the requirements for the same been long, cumbersome and often with lots of roadblocks along the way? Have you found yourself confused with what businesses to trust and what not to?


Are you a private business owner? Do you wish to harness the potential that events in your locality create for your business? Do you wish you had a way to simplify how you receive payments? Are you looking for a digital platform that allows you to reach out to more customers?


Are you just an individual wanting to use your skills to earn money? A part-time DJ perhaps? Maybe a comedian, a speaker - an entertainer? Need a platform to exercise your chops and entertain people? Looking for opportunities?


Are you just someone wanting to reach out to interesting individuals in your locality who share similar interests? Or someone wanting to start community projects related to cleanliness or education or anything that affects you and our community? Need support to reach out to more people or need material support for your projects?

Why Fund Us?

We are here to help. We are here to connect businesses with people and people with businesses. We are here to allow communities to function as entities in which businesses drive people. People drive activities. Activities drive businesses.

And so we request your funding to enable us to fill a void in the market for a platform that provides a way to easily organize events (large scale and small scale) and for businesses to get out in the open and help in the process.

Our Team

Priyankar Kumar, Abhisek Das, Dattatreya Nayak and Pramod Shenoy are all students of Computer Science at Manipal University
currently in their second year. We are deeply interested in using our skills to solve real world problems and spend a considerable
amount of our time learning new technologies, building projects and participating in hackathons. We are budding entrepreneurs trying to make a difference by using our technical skills to solve real world problems.

Experience: Priyankar Kumar has interned as a front end developer. Abhisek Das currently interns at Webloom, a MUTBI incubated startup. We also work on chrome extensions together. Pramod Shenoy has published apps in the Google Play store. Dattatreya Nayak provides technical support during college festivals.

Risks and Challenges

  • Scalability: As the number of users increase, we would have to adapt our code to meet the challenges and buy more resources like servers. We would also have to hire more personnel to take care of the operations.
  • Marketing: We would have to effectively communicate the advantages of using our platform to business owners. We would have to also communicate to organizers the advantages of using our platform.
  • Expansion: Expanding into new cities will create challenges in the form of convincing business owners to use our platform, real estate and personnel.

Tentative Cost Breakup for our initial operations

  • Hosting and domain-> Rs. 3000
  • Interns to fasten development-> Rs.2000
  • Marketing on social media->Rs.4000

If you feel our idea helps solve a real problem and if you feel it's something that is going to fill a gap in the market, please fund us. We would be grateful for all the help and support. No contribution is small.



A small contribution for a social cause. With all my support and love I wish you all come up with flying colours..


All the best


I support "CommunityVibes" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Supporting innovative youngsters is important step towards self sustainable economy


All the best :)


It sounds like an emerging idea and we have to support this. There is no other way.


Yes, the idea is good and innovative. If India has to become a rising power, each one of us have to be a part of change and contribute significantly. Kudos to the team.


I believe the idea has the potential to become something truly useful.


I liked the idea and also they are my friends :)


I support "CommunityVibes" and have contributed towards the campaign!


I support "CommunityVibes" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Young minds fighting for a social cause must be encouraged.


Good to see students getting exposure to real world startups and its challenges. Wishing good luck with your venture.


I support "CommunityVibes" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Pramod, all the best kid. Way to go.


Community vibes(portal) is an brilliant idea to connect people and business in the field of event management. We need to promote evolving such ideas from young minds which will be helpful to people at large. I wish all success in their endeavor.


Bright idea to help such innovations through young minds.


It seems like a really good idea, and it provides a platform for people who have the talent but lack connections and opportunity.Community vibes will provide many with opportunity to realize their dreams, just like I am helping them realise theirs'.