Creating an employment opportunity for differently abled young adults.

by Rahil Siddiqui

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About the project :

Fragmented Society and Diverse Needs

Differently abled youth have abilities in varied fields which largely go unnoticed because of lack of attitude of the society towards inclusion

They do not fit exactly in the same framework cut out for normal individuals but definitely can be accommodated with an adaptable moulding of our societal framework

Differently abled does not mean only individuals who have one or the other physical disability but it includes people with neurological disorders like autism, mild mental retardation, cerebral palsy and so on and so forth.

Inability to cope up with academia should not confine these individuals to households and force them to become non-contributing members of the society

Most of this youth exhibit behavioural disorders because of inability to keep them occupied, understand their needs or utilize their potential


There is alarming rise in the percentage of our population needing special care. Special needs children get educated in some form or the other up to the age of 14 years. But life beyond that is very different and difficult for the individuals and also for the families. Adolescence issues, behaviour problems, inability to lead a life with a purpose...
What they need is a continuous push, motivation and an empathetic environment, someone who admires their capabilities understands their needs and yet accepts and assists them to lead a constructive life


Our Vision

To provide employment opportunities to differently abled youth by means of vocational training and employability skills enhancement enmeshed with life skills and activities of daily living thereby promoting economic independence and inclusivity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to Train, Empower, Equip and Employ differently abled young adults to lead a life of dignity and grace and economic self-sustainability


Who we are

Anugraha Foundation ( is a not for profit organization catering to the needs of many such differently abled young candidates. This initiative is run by Mrs Madhuri Deshpande and Mrs Seema Patil.

Madhuri Deshpande’s journey began with sowing the seed for the first inclusive school “Ankur Vidyamandir” in Pune in 1988.She has 3 decades of experience running various initiatives for Differently abled children. Her zest to give in more to the society has given birth to Anugraha

Seema Patil is an engineer with 18 years of experience in the corporate sector has experience in building competencies and her passion to help society and empower the needy gave the boost to Anugraha.

Risks and Challenges :

These young adults need training, counselling, therapy, psychologists, neurologists, physiotherapists and so on and so forth for mere sustenance. The expenses incurred in giving such care as well as training is too high.

Other Ways You Can Help :

1.       Purchase products made by Differently Abled Young Adults. Every rupee goes towards the rehabilitation and motivation and compensation of our candidates

·         Corporate Gifts, Personal Gifts, Gift bags, Gift Boxes, Paper Bags etc.

2.       Assist us with services.

·         Teach us a new skill or a new product

3.       Assist us by donating

·         Computers

·         Raw Material

·         Grains

·         Tools and Equipment

4.       By funding some of our initiatives

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