Days of Pride

by Karishma & Devangi

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About the project :


Karishma and I, Devangi, are volunteers at the Non-Governmental Organisation, Naya Sawera. We, as women were ourselves exposed to certain taboos and mythological beliefs regarding our menstrual cycle. We've grown up hearing things like "do not play sports when you are bleeding", "do not enter the kitchen", "you cannot pray in the temple during menses". These "do not(s)" are what inspired us to look deeper into the problems regarding menstrual cycle in women in India. This exposed us to the startling fact that approximately 88% percent of women in India do not use Sanitary Napkins, wherein, around 43% do not have access to them at all. Others refrain from buying them around other customers due to the stigmatisation of women. 

The campaign Days of Pride is dedicated towards donating sanitary napkins to women who cannot afford them, or do not use them due to taboo regarding reasons. One donated packet of sanitary napkins costs Rs. 20. The donors can donate as much amount as they wish to, in multiples of 20 so that the alluding number of sanitary napkin packets can be donated. 


This campaign is not only important in sanitation of women while they are on their periods, but also empowers women by helping them embrace something as natural as menstrual blood very openly. A public distribution and discussion will help break taboos and stigmas that revolve around menstruation.  

“Menstruation is the only blood that is not born from violence. Yet, it is the one that disgusts you the most.” 

Women in most regions of India have been confined behind closed doors, outside of the kitchen; with their period blood and cotton cloths. Sanitary napkin have become an unaffordable luxury for most Indian women due to their expensive nature, and a lack of willingness amongst their families to openly declare the woman’s period by buying products related to it. Days of Pride is a campaign that aims to use collected funds to donate sanitary napkins to women in rural regions of India, and to spread awareness regarding menstrual health and abolishing associated taboos. 

Days of Pride is a running campaign by Naya Sawera and has already donated approximately 32000 sanitary napkins to women in need. The oragnsiation is currently running 2 sanitary napkin banks in the city of Jaipur, through which women in need can avail sanitary napkins whenever they wish to. This has helped women in stopping the use of cotton cloth pieces to control menstrual blood, which often led to several diseases and infections in women. This donation drive is an extension of the previous drives and is an attempt to equip more women with a more sanitary way of managing their period. 


Considering the fixated mindset of certain sections of the Indian society regarding period, it will be a challenge to break them and come through with sanitary napkins and insist women on using them. However, young volunteers like us can come up with skits and performances to catch better the eye of a lesser educated audience. A continuation of the drive will enable us to repeatedly provide women with sanitary napkins and instil it in their habits to stay sanitary and hygienic. 

During earlier campaigns, certain women refused to take the Sanitary Napkin packets home due to the stigma that is associated with periods at their home. Thus, the campaigners physically met the families and made them aware of the natural cycle that women face, and how it is the facilitator of birth. 


Contribute in Days of Pride by donating sanitary napkins to women who have been long stuck within their own natural cycle of bleeding.



I support "Days of Pride" and have contributed towards the campaign!


I support "Days of Pride" and have contributed towards the campaign!


I support "Days of Pride" and have contributed towards the campaign!