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About the project :

We’re often asked, “Why sanitary pads? Is it really that important?” The answer is yes: for countless girls and women, sanitary pads are an unaffordable luxury. Periods and poverty are keeping women and girls away from education and economic independence around the world. Thousands of girls explained that they were forced to resort to unsanitary and sometimes unsafe measures to meet their needs. These include improvising makeshift pads from old clothes, rags, newspapers, bits of the mattress, and other readily available materials. The lack of affordable sanitary pads has been widely cited as one of the key obstacles to regular school attendance among young girls.

So, we at Naya Sawera NGO have taken the initiative of providing a pack of 8 sanitary pads costing Rs. 15 to maximum girls/ladies each month to spread awareness about health and hygiene.

Request you all to help us in this social cause and make all women feel cared and special.

About Naya Sawera 

Naya Sawera is an organization driven by the energy and zeal of youth to make a society better for underprivileged ones by whatever means possible. Started back in the year 2009 with 7 members we now stand with a strength of 500+ volunteers out of which 95% are young blazing guns, who are ready to believe that now or later change will come by.

Our volunteers help us run our activities in 5 cities now, which are Jaipur, Bikaner, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Jodhpur.

Our Aim
Our aim is to not only looking after kids or women but to build up a society of equality with no divisions and making people aware about Mother Nature as well. We believe it’s the responsibility of citizens of a country before the government to help others and make this world a better place for all.
Our Vision
We have the vision to spread our branches pan-India to help as many people as we can and get more people to join us and help our cause. Our tag line “Let’s Wake-up for a Better Tomorrow” could only be achieved if responsible and educated citizens would care to come together with us and help in the upliftment of the underprivileged. And, one of the most important thing we wish to do is open a Care Home for HIV+ kids to make sure that they all the attention they are deprived of.
Our Mission
NayaSawera has the mission to help kids and women with all their needs so that they could live a respectable life in same society we’re in. We try to educate kids beyond the books with basic life etiquettes, hygiene and with communication. Also, as women are most important part of society, we’ve taken initiatives to make them self-dependent by means of skill development and training so that they can contribute to their household income. 

Risks and Challenges :

  • The main obstacle is to talk to women and girls as this issue is very personal and is still considered as taboo in rural areas.
  • Raising awareness about personal hygiene is difficult amongst these women and girls because they do not want to talk about menstruation. 
  • We have many female volunteers working with us with whom women can share their problems and we are sure that more female volunteers would join us once this project starts and impact is visible.  

Other Ways You Can Help :

Help us by spreading awareness about such a vital issue faced by millions of girls today. Educate and promote people around you. You can volunteer with us to a part of this crusade. 

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