Driver Drowsiness And Distraction Alert System


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About the project :



  • We are Four engineering students(Saahil Kamath, Aviral Joshi, Akshay Kumar C and Rahul B Prakash) PES University, Bengaluru, and have come up with an innovative system that will make your long distance travel less worrisome.

The ‘driver distraction and drowsiness alert system' alerts your driver through sound and vibration, prompting him to stay awake and undistracted throughout the journey.

The pitch:

  • We are a start-up company called Visio AI( recently started after incubation at PES University.
  • We aim at solving day-to-day problems using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Aforementioned product is one such system addressing very major problem of increased accidents due to distraction or drowsiness of driver.
  • The device works through a face-reading mechanism and has a camera attached to it, where a person’s eye movement and the number of yawns they take are monitored before sending alerts.
  • The cut-off time for a person to blink his eye is 1.5 seconds. If a driver has his eyes shut for more than that, alerts would be sent. The same happens even if he yawns more than three times.
  • We have built the prototype and we would want to take this to the market. We are working to make this product available at a very reasonable price and also that which can be installed in any car.
  • We appreciate your contributions that would help us take this to the next level.

The Risk and Challenges:

There are various hurdles in this journey starting from designing it to serve as a low power consuming product and to have it running stable at very high temperatures inside the vehicle dashboard. Also, we would have a tough time in deciding the components and the casing of the product so that the product is out at very reasonable cost. We have a diversified team having experies in product design, development and making. We would want to expand the team and get the prototype undergo the moulding to see the market in the near future.


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I found this project very useful and it's very much essential especially for low end cars used for cab service