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About the project :

About TransportMitra:

TransportMitra was co-founded by Mr. Selvan Dasaraj, Ex VP of Mahindra Logistics & Mr. Ramesh Kumar, a seasoned business/economic journalist with exhaustive experience in Supply Chain/Logistics.

Selvan Dasaraj has 27+ years of corporate experience and has handled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate & Public Affairs, Profit & Loss, Business & Strategy Development and Operations. He has handled various CSR programs in United Parcel Services (UPS) and Mahindra Logistics, such as scholarship for underprivileged, driver welfare activities and village adoption through various NGOs.

Ramesh Kumar is a seasoned business journalist, with 38 years publishing exposure in India and abroad. Travelled over 21,000 KM on Indian highways (2010-12) to understand the living conditions of long haul drivers and wrote three books: “10,000 KM on Indian Highways”, “Naked Banana!” and “An Affair With Indian Highways”. In 2013, Ramesh set up KRK Foundation, a registered trust to uplift the long haul drivers’ living standards and their families living in remote villages.

About the project:

The Road Transport Industry is the lifeline for the country and is poised for a transformational growth. While there has been considerable investment and development in roads, warehouses and trucks, a vital and fundamental aspect of the Road Transport, the trucker drivers are largely ignored and even in spite of the rampant poverty and unemployment, there is an acute shortage of truck drivers.

Lack of regular salaries, social benefits, wayside amenities, regular meeting with the family and the harassment on the highway, have brought up this situation.  With the driver shortage, the already low utilization in the trucking industry is likely to deteriorate and could precipitate a crisis.
These truck drivers have had no formal training before the journey into the industry. They climb the ladder from being a truck cleaner (khalasis) learning the art of driving by the driver himself. This has created a skill gap within the sector as well.

We at TransportMitra have designed a training and wellness program, aimed at enhancing driver skills, career advancement and providing life skills to drivers. The aim of the program is to enable drivers to manage themselves better, improve road safety and make the profession attractive for the growing requirement of the transport industry in India.

The Smart Driver Training Program has focus on educating the driver about the common skill gaps they have along with informing them about their health conditions by constant monitoring at several TransportMitra locations across India.

TransportMitra has set up a DRIVER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (DEC) in Bengaluru. This was inaugurated by Karnataka Health Minister Mr. U T Khader and Civil Supplies Minister Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao on 16 September 2015 in a grand gala function as part of three day Driver Day Utsav 2015. The Centre is set up by TransportMitra at the behest of Dr. Devaraj Urs Truck Terminal Pvt Limited (DDUTPL), a state owned enterprise to usher in various driver development initiatives


Smart Driver Program: 
It is a 90-minute interactive session with drivers on various facets of their lifestyle conducted in an invigorating and innovative way. We have incepted Ten Commandments on how to become a Smart Driver. The target audience, in batches of 15 (for greater and in-depth interaction), are also explained the need to be trained and certified (by ASDC) to face the emerging scenario wherein "No ASDC Certification, No Driving License"


Wellness Program:
In association with our partner PixelHealth, a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is done for long haul drivers. The unique feature of this initiative is the health risk parameters are put on the cloud, enabling access to drivers anywhere, anytime. 



Road Safety Awareness:
Given the inadequate attention paid to highway road signs by long haul drivers resulting in higher incidence of accidents on highways, a structured road safety awareness campaign is being mounted through quiz programs.

To ensure drivers attention is focused on critical issues, the program session is conducted in an edutainment' mode.

Risks and Challenges :

Due to poor working conditions in the trucking industry, inadequate policies in the outsourcing sector, minimal pay scale and the presence of unethical practices have further increased to the sectors woes thus leading to a decline of new drivers in the industry.

The truck drivers have a very nomadic lifestyle which keeps them away from their family for several months apart. Due to which unhealthy sexual practices are taken place. The truck drivers are not only contributors for HIV/AIDS but also are carriers of the virus.

TransportMitra plans to educate these drivers about the importance of safe sexual practices, cleanliness, hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. 


Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary to be through monetary funds. If you like our work and profile, you can support our cause by  promoting our campaign on social media, spreading message and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

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