'Dutolo - Dustbin Toilet Locator' Mobile app

by Vishal Kokate

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About the project :

Something to get us to a cleaner tomorrow. #LetsUnlitter

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Why did we build this app?

We started this project with a hope that smartphones would enable us, Indians, to help keep our country clean. We look to our mobile phones to get everything done easily. From taxi to a plumber & to getting our clothes ironed too with the help of few clicks. This app is about changing mindset of people who don't trust in our vision. We want to show how this will change the way responsible citizens behave. It will enable each & every one of us to contribute towards cleanliness.

The journey so far.

The journey so far has been both amazing & difficult. We built the app with an amazing UX. We already have marked around 275 dustbins & 150 Toilets with the help of our close ones. We approached many politicians who claim to be working for the social cause. But didn't get any help either monetary or supportive. None of the big contacts are ready to support this project because it is a non-profit thing & doesn't have any business plan as of now. All of this shook us badly.

Journey ahead.

If we take a look at the facts, with the help of 6-7 people we could easily mark more than 400 toilets & dustbins all over India. Just imagine if this app reaches at least 10,000 responsible citizens across India, what kind of awesomeness it would create on the map. Let's make Google maps more meaningful for all of us.

Every bit of financial support generated will be used for publicizing this initiative. We want to make sure Dutolo reaches right hands. We would want to put as much as money required for advertising Dutolo & spreading awareness about its importance.

This initiative sure doesn't have any business model as of now. I personally want this to be a non-profit thing. But in future, there are loads of channels to find business opportunities along with being a social cause.

Let's make this by the people, for the people.


Thanks for taking a great step towards clean India.

This means a lot to us!


All the best bro. It's a great app.

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I support "'Dutolo - Dustbin Toilet Locator' Mobile app" and have contributed towards the campaign!

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