Education for Disadvantaged Child

by Sharik Ahmed Khan

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About the project :

‘Jorasanko Ummed Foundation' is a small group of local people working for the social development of the community in general, and for the benefit of ethnic minorities in particular.

As they are a very small group of people they don’t have the funds for this I want to help him by crowdfunding. Let’s all help them to register disadvantaged children in schools.

Their objective is to provide financial aid to support them, so as to enhance the whole literacy rate as well as diminish gender disparity.

In short they will provide:

Monetary support to the deprived child

Support a child to resume a discontinued education

Supply books and stationeries

Register children in schools

So, the funds that we raise will go towards the development of the children, and towards an increase in the number of disadvantaged children that can get an education. With our goal of Rs.705450.00 or approximately $10,000 we could make a significant contribution to the development of the children, which will greatly benefit generations of the children for years to come.

‘Jorasanko Umeed Foundation’ has respect from the authorities and local communities and earns that respect through hard work and dedication.

They focus on and accept the duty to edify as many children as possible. These children are depressed of their right, or are not able to continue study due to the pitiable financial condition. Within this remit, they run projects which help to alleviate the problems caused by statelessness - poverty, exploitation, lack of rights, equality, education, and much more.

They always put their efforts into constructing socio-economic equality by assisting these needy children in getting an apt education. According to the last census, nearly 24% of the entire child population in West Bengal are uneducated.

Please donate as little or as much as you can afford to this fundraiser which will go directly to the account of ‘Jorasanko Umeed Foundation’ and they will be able to use them to support the uneducated & disadvantaged children if we can all reach the target.

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