Empower poor indians to grow together!!

by Ravindra Kumar

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About the project :

Myself Ravindra Kumar. I passed my BE in Computer Science & Technology from The University of Roorkee (presently IIT ROORKEE) in 1999. I worked in Wipro Technology Bangalore as a software engineer for one year. Then onwards I have worked in different engineering institutes as a lecturer, senior lecturer, and Asst. Professor in uptech and ua tech universities. 
I come from a very poor background, my father is a marginal farmer in a remote 
village of UP. I got educated in a primary govt school. We were not capable of 
giving the fee of even govt schools. I went to school without chappals up to class eight. Because of such humble upbringing, I always have this inclination towards doing something for kids who are growing up in remote villages of our country. 
And hence, in 2007 I along with some of my friends start a Youth Empowerment NGO. 
We provide free computer education, free beekeeping training, sewing and stitching training, etcDue to limited resources, we have not been optimally achieving what we had strived for. We tried approaching Govt. officials many times but all in vain.  

Now I am in process to start a company. I want to attach it to social welfare. We want to empower these poor kids by helping them achieve their dreams. Our company will identify poorest and intelligent students from all over India and will try them to educate and train them into software engineers and also will offer them jobs. The company will be professionally managed and will run according to industry standards. It will be managed according to rules of govt. It will contribute a percentage of its profit to this cause.

Generally we see govt programmes helping poor are not very effective. Poor are still 
poor. We want to eradicate it from roots. Education plus employment could do this.This is a model based on education pus profitable work. As our company will grow no of students intake will also grow. 

Contribute generously in helping me help these kids. 

Risks and Challenges :

main challenges are:

1. getting projects from rest world !! We shall use our knowledge and internet for marketing. We shall visit countries and collaborate with institutions and people. Initially we employ a professional for running our company.

2. Identifying students. NGOs and social organisations could help us. Internet could be used.



Other Ways You Can Help :

software engineers could give us free services

People could give us work and help people to grow.

People could share our theme with their friends.

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