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by Kailash Manjhi

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About the project :

Do you know of an Women Entrepreneur based out of Jharkhand who has risked everything to solve some very basic and pertinent problems that exists on ground? 

 If yes, then you have some deep-rooted Jharkhand connection; otherwise, things need to change. This event is that first baby step to building and empower Jharkhand with many-many more women Entrepreneur; and, help create a 'My Connect with Jharkhand'. Forever!

Empower Women

In most families in Jharkhand women are sole breadwinners of their families and yet lead a repressed life. They couldn’t do what they dream, they couldn’t buy what they wish and they are answerable (to male members of the family) for every little action. With all the wit, skill, education, aspirations and dreams women can create a better social impact. A well-developed women Entrepreneur can contribute much more to the society around and impact thousands of lives. 

Who's doing this?

"JASSSI", an NGO based out of a hamlet in Mandar (35 Kms from Ranchi, Capital of Jharkhand) has been up-skilling and hand-holding women for more than 6 years now. This event is supported by the team at JASSSI. 'The Butterfly Project' is JASSSI's effort to empower segments of society which have been long exploited and suppressed. 

They focus their energies on :
1. Gender diversity and acceptance
2. Women's empowerment
3. Child empowerment and protection.

What would they do?

The Butterfly project is an initiative taken to empower those who need empowerment. At Butterfly project, we ideated and came up with a solution “EMPOWER” to provide women with information and technical know-how to create a venture of their own, to help them overcome barriers of drafting a business-plan, law, taxation, funding, relevant govt. schemes; and we also focus on helping them to strengthen their communication skills as well as their digital marketing skills which will be utilized to better their ventures.

An Event to Equip the Women to be an entrepreneur.

This is a 1st of its kind effort in Jharkhand - where the focus is to develop women entrepreneurs - and help them to develop themselves and build a viable business model and help them "run it".

An IMPORTANT information follows:

1-Day Workshop on:

  1. Designing Your Business Plan.
  2. Marketing your Product.
  3. Communication Skills.
  4. Govt. Schemes./Bank Loans.
  5. Tax Consultation.
  6. Legal Consultation.

What will happen on the Event Day?

The workshop starts at 09:30 am at the venue and each member of the audience shall have time to individually interact with these experts over morning tea, lunch and evening tea - the session is going to be structured such. The objective is to have the 250 women over 1 day - come up with at least 10 viable business plans. Then we, as a team, help them in developing their proof of concept, mentor them, and we hope to have a minimum of 5 take off the ground in 2016 itself.

What after this Event?

The group of Mentors (7 identified and committed people) will hand-hold Top 10 Promising Business Ideas as a part of incubation of ideas. 

Your Contribution can help organize get us good speakers, productive venue, Hot Veg Food, Chai and Biscuit, giveaways, and meet expenses to execute the event. 

Risks and Challenges :

There are two important risks to our goals and aspirations

  1. "Quality" : Jharkhand may be a home to many global leaders and industrialists but at the grass-root level, entrepreneurship doesn't have a standard acceptance. Therefore, the communities who would be participating in this event will require unique teaching methods to create necessary impact from the event.
  2. Sustainability of Incubation : The incubation right now is driven by passionate Mentors who are based out of Jharkhand by sharing available resources. For business to "run it" there could be a dependency of fundraising as debt or equity. 

Currently, we are working very closely with Government of Jharkhand to have a Government funded Incubator especially for women entrepreneurs. And, mentors in the network are committed to handhold upcoming ventures and willing to march that extra mile; and, be a part of change.



Other Ways You Can Help :

If you can't contribute money; No Problem. You can still help us.

Please help us by at least talking about us and our initiative to Five of your friend. And, yes - Facebook will not pay us for the likes and comments but if you do like our page and share about us - someday, somewhere, someone may be inspired. Let's keep the chain of inspiration flowing.

Also, try to share it the amazing women of Jharkhand that you know of. Who knows, we may identify the next Indira Nooyi or the next Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. 

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