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About the project :

ASLS aims to invite public partnership for empowering children belonging to marginalized sections in strengthening their basic learning along with awareness on important aspects like civic sense, legal rights, small savings, fitness and hygiene, etc.

The Academy for Socio-Legal studies (ASLS) is a human rights organization working with a right based approach for the marginalized sections since 1995. The organization was founded by some professional Lawyers with commitment to rule of law, rights, euality, social morality and principles of natural justice. They felt that attaining justice through courts is very difficult for the marginalized groups in society – in particular, due to lack of awareness of rights, limitations within the law/ legal provisions, time, money, procedural and evidentiary requirements and most of all lack of committed lawyers who provide legal services. Academy is also running a “Barefoot Lawyer’s Training Institute” which helps fresh Advocates and grassroot social workers in order to develop their committments and provide better service to poor and weak.

While even the law abiding citizens suffer the consequences of this system, the impact on access to justice for the weaker section (such as labour, peasants, women, children, disabled, senior citizens, minorities and the poor) is enormous. Actually these are the people who need judicial intervention for getting justice. This legal process is so prolonged and protracted, the resources demands from litigants so debilitating, that even if justice is eventually obtained it saps their strength and disempowers them. As a result the legal process is most accessible only to privileged persons with economic resources to survive the long, expensive and complicated legal process of law. 
ASLS has responded to these gaps in access to justice by providing legal awareness to disadvantaged constituencies, created a team of paralegals by providing 
1.    Basic legal training to continuously spread legal literacy. Being aware that literacy can inspire people to demand rights, but not necessarily enable access to the legal system, 
2.    the Academy has also simultaneously endeavored to provide quality legal aid through its dedicated team of lawyers. 
3.    It also mobilizes public interest litigations, debates and support from important stakeholders such as the NGOs, academicians, lawyers, judges journalists etc. It aims at making efforts that can make the judicial system more people friendly and approachable.


Samta Learning Center
Keeping in mind the above objectives, the Academy runs a free Learning center in Shastri Nagar, Jaipur for those poor children who either do not go to school or even if they go to Government Schools have not learnt anything not even the basic alphabets or numbers. This experiment has been successful and more than 60 children have been attending the center at a time. Now, some adult women are also attending the center and taking interest in literacy. Apart from, basic learning we are making them aware of human rights and equality principle for all. It is a matter of happiness that these children are consciously aware that there is no discrimination between them either by caste, religion, gender or otherwise. These children belong to all sections including so called untouchables, high castes Hindus, Muslims and even a few adult women. 

Motivation to start new centers
We have been getting demands from a number of poor localities to start similar centers there but being anon funded institution, we invite public support to fill this gap. Within this year we expect such centers to be started in different localities, if public support is received. 

Risks and Challenges :

No risk involved.

Other Ways You Can Help :

The Academy recommends to invite people to support by helping us spread the awareness for this initiative, you can share about us to as many people you can and also if you can spare and find yourself having any core competency wherein you can enrich those children's lives, we invite you to visit our centre and share your time and knowledge with them in discussion with us. 

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