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by Nikhil Jain

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About the project :

Hello People,

I am selected over 10000 applications from all over the globe to be among top 600 who will get the opportunity to represent their nation and learn about leadership and team. This Conference, HPAIR by Harvward universty holds a deep importance.

Thus I am taking some good social and environmental initiative as my goal plan to be able to attract world's attention and take help in better implementation for saving energy, food and preaching literacy nd education among people of India.

I am Nikhil Jain, a hardworking, sincere child and a researcher who stepped up and broke many jinxes of society, family and the Marwadi culture and is pursuing research work to help nation and environment along with helping a lot of others who come to my life. But today, I need help to do something big and help back the society.

I come from a lower-middle-class family and struggling yet sailing my way through primary, secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate and graduate degree from IIT BHU and now doing PhD from two big institution – IIT Bombay & Monash University having a sustainable scholarship. I don’t take this journey as difficult but challenging which has improved me on a whole as person who learnt to devise the ways out of solving problems, being excellent overall and pursuing passion. I learnt things quickly and with relentless efforts, I had out passed many barriers and myths during college career to achieve things which many had just dreamt off. I have helped later during college days to many students, batch mates, juniors, in official and unofficial ways about career and start-ups. Led many initiatives, worked with many start-ups due to interest in innovation and development. I have gained the right exposure at IIT BHU and IIT Bombay apart from working at many start-ups. I am an aspiring researcher with an entrepreneurial mindset and both being pursued relentlessly with great passion.

 I am a Mining Engineering graduate from a reputed IIT of India, IIT BHU, Varanasi. Since my high school days, I was amazed by research and technology proving the unimaginable facts and theories correct. To pursue such path, I prepared hard to get admitted to the best of college in India in my knowledge, grabbing the scholarship, covering my complete undergraduate studies & academic expenses. I was always a hardworking guy and now I am learning more about smartness in hard-work during under graduation and post graduation. I always believe in bringing good changes in the world, it I intend to start from myself and then nearby and gradually extend the circle. Thus my belief in global or universal concepts of improvement and also sees the validity in local and regional context also. Humanity and technology and science can go together and make the world a better place, I strongly intend to do that with my future planned bigger initiatives. Researchpreneur is a fancy term but will give inspiration to many researchers and entrepreneurs to come together and solve or ideate solution for global issues and challenges like food, water and energy crisis, education, poverty and more. Teamwork, and helping others while excelling in own grounds have been my good traits. I am from a lower-middle class family where proper education and sustainability is a matter of question every day. But it never stopped me from thinking big and excelling in life.

I have created this fundraiser as I don't hold enough financial potential to attend this very Symposium. I am selected for this Conference from lakhs or more applications coming from all over the globe. I will be representing our Nation and will seek every opportunity to build upon the solutions that can help the needy people in India in anyways, be it education, technology or culture.

If I get to attend this Conference by Harvard University, I would be in debt of the people who supported me and with the key takeaways, you would see me doing something excellent for the society and nation always in future, be it now or later.

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