Garlanding India 2 - South India

by Shannon Fernandes

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About the project :

Shannon is 24 years old. He has been teaching violin at the Kala Academy, Department of Western Music for the last 3 years. He completed his Bachelors in Zoology from Dhempe College, Miramar and has a level 4 diploma in music performance (ATCL violin recital). He has always been interested in motorcycles from a young age and in riding them. In his own words, “When I ride a motorcycle it becomes personal. Just one motorcycle. Whether I go down the street or cross country. I use it every day for my work and on holidays when I want to relax. It's always there.” The longest he has ridden is from Goa to Jharkhand and back, solo.

Shannon is one of the four riders who would initiate the journey of Garlanding India 2.0 in south. Garlanding India 2.0 will overall involve a core team of 16 volunteer bikers. 4 sets of 4 riders each will ride 4000 kms each in 4 different segments (South, North, East, West) covering all of India. The first segment will be the Southern Spin, covering the South of India, and will flag off on December 19 2017. The other three segments will be in January, February and March of 2018.

We aim to collect Rs 2 crores for 4 Sports Academies: Track Legend PT Usha’sUsha School of Athletics, Boxing Great Mary Kom’s Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation, Wrestling Champion YogeshwarDutt’s Wrestling Akhara and finally Olympic Gold Quest, the Foundation started by Indian Sporting Legends Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone. To fight malnourishment, we have chosen Ekjut, an NGO doing great work in the area of infant and mother nutrition, as the 5th beneficiary.

We also aim to collect Rs 3.2 lacs i.e. 20000 for each of the 16 riders to cover their expenses. Hereby, we invite you to donate – to beneficiaries and ride of Shannon, who’s up for this great cause. You can track the live location of riders on all our social media pages and our website. You can also volunteer to offer a place to stay overnight for the riders if your place coincides with the route of riders of southern spin. The route of the onward journey is displayed alongside the live tracker.


Come, contribute! Be a part of this exciting endeavour. Every donor will receive a small reward commemorating the event.

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