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by Kevin Joshi

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About the project :


  • I’m Kevin; founder of an e-commerce start-up which deals in customised Silver jewellery. Did you know how hard it is to find our desired jewellery with the exact gemstones color and metal plating and that too at reasonable price? At we offer the high end jewellery designs in 925 Sterling Silver with freedom to choose their own gemstones & metal plating.


The pitch:

  • Each customer in today's era wants to have something unique, something personalized, so their need for personalized and customized jewellery has also increased. When it comes to jewellery, each buyer's taste is different. Also they desire their jewellery to be one of a kind. So keeping in mind such concept we have develop a platform where a customer can get jewellery with their choice of gemstones (ex Ruby, Sapphire, Aquamarine etc) & metal plating like Rose, Yellow, Black & White. We are primary focused on Silver Jewellery so consumer can get those high priced gold jewellery design at 1/10th of the price in Silver.

    Before customers did not had any exposure to such platform where they can have the SILVER jewellery of their choice. Even after going through all the hassles of offline purchasing, there was not any surety that they will get what they required or whatever the idea about the design they have in mind.


The Risk and Challenges:

The are couple of risk factors while taking this start up ahead. First is the Silver metal price which can fluctuate in future and can pose threat to our pricing model & also the labour cost which can make the cost of finished product a bit challenging to get in a reasonable price bracket. Other factor if we consider are our competitors which are serious threats that can copy our model anytime in near future but again its the implementation & customer service which makes an organisation great not just mere execution.


Beautiful designs. Perfect idea for jewelry lovers. Why to waste time when you can shop your favorite designs anytime, from anywhere. Add more designs to your collection.


To support his dream!


Try to make similar designs with other metals like titanium and ceramics. Titanium bands are quite the rage these days.


This is a proven business idea. Jewelry business e-commerce revenue is increasing. It is offering customized jewelry which is something any woman dreams of. I can order my favorite jewelry design with the easiest, fastest and secure online shopping.