Girl child education through art

by Thegirl Imprints

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About the project :

We are a community that works to uplift every girl child. We are the one making you give smiles and let every girl get her share in life.


"THE GIRL IMPRINTS" is a pan India community that works towards sponsoring girl child education. we believe every artist needs their share of appreciation in this world of degrees, and so we bring together art and writing.


 "THE GIRL IMPRINTS" is a community for creative people which provides a platform for artists to share their artworks and sell them for a greater good.

This community is based on the goal of helping the needy in our country. It is based on serving an uplifting purpose for every girl child out there who is deprived to her rights. By helping the poor children, specifically girls in our society to receive free education; is not only a necessary step towards the development of the country but also a step towards the involvement of humane values in the need of the hour.

This community serves double purpose. It not only gives a platform for aspiring artists to utilize their works and getting them sold but also it is a step towards the improvement of women folk of our nation. 
Come and join this community of #thegirlimprints to be a part of this initiative of helping the needy.


"The Girl" brings out the struggles of a girl, attitude and society's mindset.

This does not mean we have touched the viewable aspects of a women's life from feticide to rape to lack of education we have it all.


This book does bring out stories that will trigger your mind to think what are we and where are heading towards being so gendered.


It's a book that will show in deeper issues of lack of appreciation confidence, lack of support or lack of initiative to build your passion and dream.


The best part whatever we earn goes to sponsor girl child education, and it is and will question society's mindset towards the women.

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