Hands of Help

by Ajay Singh

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About the project :

I am lucky to have a good neighbour who always stays with me like my family and support me in every up and downs of life. My neighbour and my uncle Mangilal Bhati is a Truck driver by profession and very kind hearted man. Few weeks back when we took him to a hospital for a medical checkup, he got diagnosed with mouth cancer. 

Mangilalji is almost 55 years old and bread earner for the family. The whole family is really in trauma after such a heartbreaking news and there is no one to support them at such a crucial time. He has always supported me and my family and at times like this I want to do whatever I can to help him get the right treatment, but the treatment is expensive and we require 10 lakh, Both his family and my family can't afford such a big amount. 
I am a student who takes part-time tuition to earn money and even his
family is not so rich to provide treatment..I urge all of you to help
 save a life and a family at this crucial time. 

Risks and Challenges :

If we do not raise money fast enough, it might be too late. 

Other Ways You Can Help :

Please share this campaign with people who you think can support and contribute towards this. 

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