Lord Hanuman Temple Repairs

by Parag Shashikant Dalvi

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About the project :

Hi There,

My name is Parag S Dalvi. I reside in Mumbai, India. I work as an executive for an e-commerce website.

For decades, my family has been offering prayers at the Hanuman Temple, which is located near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Since the temple is very old, we want to do repair works.

This is an old picture when the Swayambhu temple was in good condition.

Legend has it; it is believed that the Idol at this temple emerged on its own from the ground. My ancestors along with few native villagers discovered it some 100 years ago. One fine day, when they were returning from their regular agricultural fieldwork, they noticed something rising from the ground, upon closer look it seemed like a Hanuman idol raising from the ground but after a couple of hours, they noticed it submerged back into the ground. After few days of this incident, the complete idol emerged from the ground and then my ancestors decided to build a temple around it. They started offering prayers and religious offerings and soon many visited the temple. As a mark of celebration, a fair is also organised in the same place on every Hanuman Jayanti.

Now, the temple has become very old and in dire need of urgent repair works. The walls of the temple are in tattered state and need to be fixed. Also, the stairs leading to the temple needs reconstructing, since the temple is high up on a hillock it becomes very difficult for old people and other residents to reach the temple.

As a devotee to the Lord Hanuman, I am determined to restore the temple of my ancestors and preserve the legacy. It is my humble request to please generously donate and help me raise funds required for restructuring and repairing of the Hanuman temple. We would be delighted if you can visit the Temple fair on Hanuman Jayanti. 

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