Heal Tokyo and sponsor a child for education

by Nupur Tewari

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About the project :

Together, let us heal Tokyo with Yoga and help poor kids to go to school.

'Heal Tokyo' is a drive to bring calmness and spirituality in lives of people of Tokyo through Yoga and at the same timeusing the contribution to enable poor kids across the world to got to school. 

Busy and hectic schedule of people in Japan and especially in Tokyo has made our lives stressful and impulsive. Few minutes of yoga and a generous contribution can give the people a calm life!

'Heal Tokyo' is a conscious social drive by Ms. Nupur Tewari, an Indian residing in japan since fourteen years and teaching culture, yoga and English to thousands of students and people as her work and passion. 

The goal of her drive is to make the life of Japanese citizens more calm, relaxing and content by enabling them to be at peace doing Yoga and contributing at the same time generously for the same to help poor kids go to school across the world.

'Heal Tokyo' needs your support to make it possible for millions of kids to go to school and at the same time your ownengagement to make your life peaceful and happy doing Yoga. 

Your twenty minutes of time in a day and your weekly generous contribution which can be even equivalent to the price of a junk food you eat can change the status of your mind and life of millions of kids.

People residing in Tokyo or coming down here irrespective of their origin and space can come down for a daily session of Yoga by contacting Ms. Nupur Tewari on +818058009414 and she will ensure you can do Yoga at the place nearest to you!

You just need to call Ms. Nupur before hand for the Yoga session and it will be ensured that you are well healed. Your calmness and contribution will further change the life of millions of kids.


It's for a good cause and I know nupur will really make good use of this money !


I care


I support "Heal Tokyo and sponsor a child for education" and have contributed towards the campaign!


Dear Nupur, its something which you are doing for a cause and am sure you will achieve the same. Wish you all the very best.