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About the project :


At Hello Doctor, we think that patients should have an easy and convenient way to Search, Book appointments and Consult Online at one go with the experienced health professionals that best suit their needs and build devices which can be used by the people from their home to check their basic health parameters for consultation and keep them fit. Our vision is to make this a reality on the global scale.


  • Free online Doctor, Free Doctor, Free medical consultation for any medical issues
  • No appointment needed an instant live chat with our Physicians. No waiting time.
  • Hello Doctor is really free. No credit card needed, no payment, our services are free of charge !
  • Our free telemedicine platform is open 23/24 in week days, and 12/24 in the weekend. 


What's better than always having a doctor ready at your doorstep? Making all services and facilities accessible from the comfort of your home - at a simple click. That's what we do with the help of technology.


Tired of wasting money in the search for a good Doctor? Now, you would get expert guidance from the eminent doctors globally in a cost-effective manner.


Helping you find quick and reliable answers to your medical problems, along with the easy access to the best healthcare experts to guide you towards a healthier life.


24*7 access to healthcare

Access to experienced Doctors for your medical needs was never easier. From the convenience of your home, get medical advice 24×7 via your mobile device utilizing high definition video, voice and text securely and privately.

Online Video Consultation with Doctor

Easy access to the best doctors anytime, anywhere. WE allows patients to save time and money spent on travelling long distances, removing the hassle of finding places to stay and helping patients speak with the right doctors of their choice from home via video calling, email consultation and tele-calling with or without internet.

Health Tips

Browse through a vast universe of unique health and medical information at your fingertips which is created by Doctors and Medical experts themselves. Keep yourself updated with health topics that are relevant to you and inspire you to lead a healthier life.

Easy Payment Method

Avail of a paid doctor consultation at Rs. 400 via multiple easy payment methods. All payments are 100% secure and safe. In an unlikely case of an incomplete or failed consultation, your money is fully refunded in case you don’t consult a doctor within 48 hours.

Specific Treatments

Hello Doctor provides access to board-certified, state-licensed physicians 24 hours a day for non-emergency medical issues such as allergies, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus problems, and ear infection via audio-video technology for consultations regarding medical advice, diagnoses and basic prescription medications.


Hello Doctor was founded for one basic reason. To provide the highest quality of healthcare to anyone in need, without the common restrictions of seeing a doctor. We give everyone in the world instant access to medicine, anywhere, anytime, for free. We firmly believe that you shouldn't be denied the best quality of care because of insurance issues, financial hardships, and geographical limitations or simply due to time restrictions. Hello Doctor will revolutionize healthcare, and we aim to change the world!


Risks and Challenges :


  • AVAILABILITY: As of now, Hello Doctor is available only in Kochi, Kerala, and surrounding areas.
  • PERSONAL BARRIERS: Lack of awareness, poor knowledge of technology, and many other personal difficulties persist among our intended customers
  • TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Poor signal strength, GPS tracking difficulties, and many other technological problems are quite common in the city.
  • AVAILABILITY: Kochi will be the best possible learning ground where we will face all possible difficulties that could arise from any urban or rural area. This will enable us to release the strongest version of the platform during market expansion.
  • PERSONAL BARRIERS: Develop an effortless UI/UX which the target may use without prior expertise in the field of technology.
  • TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Unavoidable scenario. But with supportive advancements like the rise in 4G customer base, the situation is becoming more manageable.

Other Ways You Can Help :

The foremost priority for us is to gather support from the healthcare industry. The majority of the front-end tasks have been allocated to capable hands but the uphill task of generating the back end is yet to be fully materialized. Assistance and guidance from well-experienced individuals will go much further than any financial aid.

The features provided by Hello Doctor brings together healthcare services from every dimension at a single location. From Doctors to Pharmacists, Blood Banks to Ambulances, Medicines to News, we are tirelessly working to bring together all that may keep you and your loved ones safe.

If that is what matters to you the most, then come join us, let us find others too, we shall all unite and bring about a revolution that will make peace and shall protect each and every one of us. All you need is to have is the kindness to share your knowledge about us to others. Include us in conversations that matter. Let people know that you care. Tell the doctors and your neighbourhood pharmacists, mention us to your drivers and caretakers.

All you have to do is share. Leave the hard work to us. Thank You in advance.


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