Help a school buy a computer.

by Atul

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About the project :

About myself

Alongside my MBA in Tapmi, I manage to make time for voluntary work. My voluntary work encompasses Social Endeavour Group and Jammu More Education Project. Currently, I am working to improve the learning opportunities for the students at Rajkiya Prathmik Kanya Pathshala, 

About my Cause

Education is the elementary aspect that needs to be addressed in India. It holds the key to various solutions for complex problems like injustice, poverty and environment. In today's digital day and age, it is important that every child must learn to operate a computer, it holds the key to world exposure and greater learning. Students of Rajkiya Prathmik Kanya Pathshala, Gurgaon are very enthusiastic about learning these skills but are unable to do so due to unavailability of resources. Let us join our hands together and collect money to get a Computer for these children. As we know that today is the age of Internet so the children need to be armed with computer knowledge in order to tackle the future challenges.


About the School and the Problems faced

The school is located in the Nathupur village in Haryana. This is a Girls only school and students from Class 1 to 5 study there. The infrastructure of the school is decent but the school is in urgent need of a computer. The Computer is needed for certain urgent needs. Firstly the school records are maintained online, so if there is any change the Teachers have to go to a cybercafé far away for making the changes, this wastes a lot of time and resources. An NGO comes on every Saturday and teaches about 20 students on a single laptop. According to the teachers, all the students are enthusiastic about learning Computers but are not getting the opportunity to do so. The school wants to cultivate this interest but are not able to do so due to the lack of resources.?

The Funds & Appeal

Small effort leads to bigger changes. One 100 might be mere amount but 100 such 100’s or 1000 such 100’s is clearly not. If this could be done then your humble effort can bring a considerable change in lives of many.

Risks and Challenges :

Not being able to raise the entire amount is a definite risk because the entire amount is needed so that a good computer is provided to the Students which will massively affect their learning curve.

Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary through monetary funds. You can also support us by promoting our campaign on Social media, spreading the word around and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign. You can also contribute by coming to the school and teaching the children.

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