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by Nilesh Nagar

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My son Aarush age 11 years had undergone a surgery of cochlear implant 4 yrs back. A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf and severely hard of hearing. Now, the external processor is malfunctioning and it needs to be replaced. 

The replacement of the of the external processor will cost INR 5.68 Lacs, Government of Madhya Pradesh has approved a sum of INR 1 Lac from the Chief Minister's Fund, but we are still a long way from reaching our target. 

Help us raise the money required for replacing the external processor so that Aarush can lead a normal life again and go back to school to continue his studies. 

Cochlear implants may help provide hearing in patients who are deaf because of damage to sensory hair cells in their cochleas. These sensory cells never regenerate, unlike most cells in the body. Cochlear implants replace the input of those lost or damaged hair cells to replicate the different frequencies and amplitudes of sound. Implants can augment hearing sufficiently to improve understanding of speech and environmental sounds, although the quality of sound is different from natural hearing and the input subject to different neural regulation. Newer devices and processing strategies allow recipients to hear better in noise, enjoy music, and even use their implant processors while swimming.


As of December 2012, approximately 324,000 people worldwide have surgically implanted cochlear implants; in the U.S., roughly 58,000 adults and 38,000 children are recipients. Some recipients have bilateral implants to allow for stereo sound. However, barriers such as the cost of the device prevent many patients from acquiring the device. Long-term auditory therapy following implantation is often required for patients to accurately interpret the sound waves from the device. 

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