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by Shouvik Sinha

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About the project :

I've always dreamt to become a doctors .. it's my passion my first love my dream my soul i cannot live without being a doctor and helping others. A Doctor is considered to the God on earth. People haven't seen God but people believe in Doctor. The only earning a Doctor wants in his entire life is a patient's smile that's all he wants there's nothing he wants more than that. I love Doctor they are busy treating people 24x7 ... no time to sleep just helping people, improving their health even without considering their health. And that's why i dream to be a doctor.

To be very honest i don't belong from a very rich family .. i'm a middle class son .. my father works and my mother is a housewife .. i had always aspired to become a doctor and help people but this system only allows sons of rich people to get into a private medical college and other middle class people cannot get into these institutes only because we won't be able to pay those fees. And because of this our parents are forced to either take loans or else we have give up on our dreams. Because we believe that age defines everything and our elders believe that as the age goes up success streak goes down. I'm not blaming our elders for their thinking but i'm  blaming this system because only rich people can get into the colleges they want and not other people because money is the stepping stone towards success. I'm not begging but all i want is a little bit support from everyone of you. If so please contribute a little amount or whatever you want to donate. You might be thinking that i'm not genuine and just faking to earn some money , i can understand that because we are humans and we don't believe in other so fast , So i'll not force or beg to you for donating some bucks but i can only make a humble request that whatsoever you can a little bit can also work i know that amount over there is far too much but reaching upto some extent can also help (that is the minimum amount of money that a private medical college of India takes) . I'll be always thankful to you all even if u donate else not i'll be always obliged that you gave some precious minutes from your busy schedule and read this. thank you so much. I hope you will help.

P.S.- And also i'm not showing up my picture because i want to be anonymous because people nowadays can use your photos for different purposes for fake messages and asking other fake donations on your name.

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