Help Khushboo & Vikas live their Dreams

by Million Dreams Foundation

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About the project :

On our visit to a school, we meet these two innocent faces Khushboo and Vikas. Those eyes were full of dreams but at the same time have a fear that their dream would shatter if they would not be able to come to school. When we talked to them they pour their hearts out. Khushboo wanted to become a doctor and on the other hand, Vikas wanted to be a  pilot. Khushboo was scared that in coming time her parents would not allow her to go to school as she needs to defecate in open when she goes to school and as she is growing, her parents would not send her because of the unhygienic condition of the school that hampers every girl child in her adolescence. On the contrary, Vikas had a fear that his parents would ask him to work and earn because his parents have a wrong intuition for school. Vikas was also getting ill due to contaminated water he drinks in the school. 

The grim picture of schools put our future in danger. We need better infrastructure and better facilities for these children who are actually willing to study. A child can only see a good future when his basic needs are met. At Million Dreams Foundation, we have taken a pledge to ensure that all children study in an environment which is good for their health and development.

In the initial stage of our work, we are completely putting our focus on giving those children a clean drinking water and proper toilet facilities.

For clean drinking water system, we need a Submersible pump, water tanks 500lts, R0 systems, water cooler with taps.

For Proper toilet facilities, we need a separate concrete structure with 8 Toilet WC with a flush, 4 Urinals for boys, Washbasins, proper doors with handles & latches.


The next step is to provide them with the basic school furniture which they lack i.e. Benches, Tables, Blackboards, Books, stationary along with sports equipment like football, cricket kits etc.


We serve for a cause and we aim for a great future for our country. If you have any school in your knowledge that lacks proper provisions for kids, take a careful look at the children studying there. They are unprivileged and suffering from atrocities they do not deserve. They risk falling sick and even falling prey to death.  If you can understand their pain, do not ignore it because you can save them. Connect with us and let us give them a new hope.


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