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by Karnik Upadhyay

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About the project :

For 3 Years, These School Kids Have Sat Outdoors – and No It’s Not for Fun
In April 2014, with the issuance of a notification, the government of Himachal Pradesh approved a primary school in Niharki (Shahpur)a village in district Kangra.

It has been three years since that announcement, and the village still awaits a proper building that can be called a school. However, the growing children of the village don’t have the luxury to wait for a building, and hence the villagers have decided to provide lessons to them through whatever means possible – in a dilapidated small mud hutment, without any basic amenities that a school ought to have.

Happily, despite having no proper infrastructure, the enthusiasm the students have shown towards learning is the reason why this school has been functioning.

The school currently has a primary wing for students in grades 1 to 5. Most of the students who come to attend this school are children of labourers. 

Come rain, sun or snow – these children sit either under the open sky or squeeze into one room that the school has and continue to study. The school has a total strength of 29 students as of date. A point to note is that the number of girls attending the school is equal to the number of boys.


“I took to social media to highlight the plight of the students, and while the response was great, unfortunately, none of the government officials responded to it.”

I have sent many representations to the government urging them to look into the matter. An NGO called “Prayas se parivartan tak”, meaning ‘to try until change’, is providing stationary, uniforms, and even pays the fees of some of the children who show potential.

I am hoping to generate enough interest both within the government and from responsible citizens to help build this school.


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