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by Sampathi Stalin

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About the project :

I am sampathi stalin and I am General secretary of labour class poor people's organization of " All India federation of labour unions," AIFLU. We are running AIFLU and 17 affiliated labour class people's organizations in India. Till now ten thousand labour class poor people have joined our organization for happy & better lives.

We are working to remove poverty of labour class poor people, stop the deaths due to hunger, stay voilence on women, eradicate rape incidences and murder of girls and women, remove dowry system and to promote communal harmony and national integration to attain universal brotherhood with special emphasis on development and education.To create awareness about the ill effects of social evils and to initiate programs, projects and movements to fight against alchoholism-drug addiction, untouchability and to give food, homes and employment to the poor people.

We are working for people:

Most of the Indian labour are illiterates they are unable to understand the Indian administration system, laws, and rights thereof they could not solve their common problems in order to get rid of those problems from which they have been suffering a lot. Sometime they even lost their fundamental rights too. Not having been taken participation in the common problems of labour it opined that it is impossible to win over their minds and divert them to the our way , the AIFLU decided to start working solving out the common problems of labour people hereunder.

1.  Health: There are three types of health problems in the labour people. (A) Small common health complaints (B) Body tumors, risks of bone fractures, heart diseases and major operations ( C) Labour women deliveries.

2. Education problems: (A) Education problems of 3 rd standard to 10th standard (B) Education problems of Intermediate 1st to Degree (C) Private Education problems.

A)Education problems of 3rd standard to 10th standard: For the children of labour class who are in position to get eduvation the AIFLU affiliated union regional committee leaders taking the survey of the labour class people and consulting with the Welfare Department officers, Wardens of different Boys and girls hostels help the poor students to study.

(B)Education problems of Intermediate 1st to Degree: The students of intermediate to degree of labour class families are identified by the AILFU affiliated union leaders and they will help them to get seats in colleges by collecting the proper information as to how to and where to study what.

(C)Private Education problems: The students from Nursery to Degree studying in private Schools and private colleges belongs to the labour class families the AIFLU affiliated union leaders will help them to get reduced their fees consulting with school or college managements. Moreover, some pamphlets are circulated among the labour class families in order to make them aware of the exploitations of the private education at the beginning of June month by AIFLU. At the time this awareness programme the committee will not accept any amount either from the students or from their parents.

3. Women problems: (A) Dowry Harassments (B) Wife and husband Disputes (C) Inter caste Marriages.

We aim for social economical development of poor labour people's lives without exploitation. In order to do this , we need help raising money for them, this money will be used to pay for their rice, food, books, uniforms, organization's materials and other basic needs. It is frustrating to watch what is happening in our society and feel powerless to  do any thing to bring change. By contributing to this campaign, you ARE making a difference.THANK YOU for what ever donation you are able to give in order to continue our work.



Risks and Challenges :

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Other Ways You Can Help :

Contribution is not always necessary through monetary funds. You can also support us by promoting our campaign on Social media, spreading the word around and encouraging people to contribute to the campaign.

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