Help most revered folk artists - Langa Manganiyar

by Anshul Jain

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About the project :

HOUZPARTY.COM – A start up incubated at MNIT came forward to support Rajathani Artists.

In these tough times of Covid – 19, Event & Entertainment is one industry which doesn’t seem to be getting any new business soon after all this gets over too.

Rajasthani artists primarily langa manganiyar & folk artists are the true art creators in the field of music. Their sole bread n butter is earned majorly from Domestic & International Tourism i.e. tourists visiting various parts of Rajasthan while these artists perform for these tourists during their stay & travel in Rajasthan, they earn their livelihood.  

Also many of these artists travel to various places in India & abroad to participate in live concerts & various events like music festivals, weddings, corporate ceremonies etc. but with this pandemic situation, neither tourists are travelling to Rajasthan not these artists can go out to perform as most the these events are not happening in large formats. is organizing a fundraiser online live concerts with these artists where all the Rajasthani Artists who are performing live in this campaign, would get little monetary support from this help by audience. A fixed pre-approved remuneration/payment would be made to all participating artists/group from the fund generated through this campaign only. 

All these shows are free for all & viewers can contribute funds online to support these artists.

A start up based out of Jaipur & incubated at MIIC, started its operations in Dec 2019 where it provides an online solution to make all the house party arrangements.