Help running a medical centre for poor people in villages

by Rajesh Butta

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About the project :

India does not produce as many doctors to cater to the needs of ‘Bharat’, the rural India, therefore our vision is to leverage latest technology towards providing better and timely medical services to the remotest areas of rural India. The doctors stationed in cities/metros (or even overseas) can potentially consult patients in rural areas from the comfort of their clinics/hospitals. Our current health infrastructure is lacking on many parameters and this is the problem we are addressing through our organization.

We are using a video conference enabled solution for doctor-patient consultations along with option to capture patient’s basic details and doctor's prescription, which can be utilized for future consultations or follow-ups. There is a requirement for just a compounder at the patient’s end to note down key parameters of the patients like temperature, pulse, BP, sugar etc. Rest of the medical advice is provided by the doctor over this video conference facility.

Patient end

In a village called Surjanpur in Ujhani near Bareilly, we have created a Medivow Centre there which acts like a 'Virtual OPD Hospital' while the doctors login from their individual work place.

This impacts 8000 villagers of all age groups having income levels below 1 Lac per annum in and around this Medivow Centre. These are very poor people who are mainly farmers belonging to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, who do not have access to a regular medical facility in their own village.

We are providing the following health care services in each centre:

1.            Video conferencing with Doctors

2.            Medicine Availability

3.            Ambulance Facilities

4.            Labs Test Facility

5.            Healthcare Awareness Education Programmes

6.            Healthcare Insurance Availability



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