Battling With Elephantiasis, Help Sheikh Get His Treatment


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My name is Sheikh Afsar Mohammad. I am a native of Maharashtra. My legs are twisted alike to that of Elephant. I am suffering from this disease - elephantiasis for last 15 years. Now, due to infection, it has started developing in the other leg too. I am suffering a lot due to it. I experience stinging and I starts getting stings from this position on a regular basis. I experience cold and fever after every one month and I also starts vomiting every ‘now & then’. I experience stinging to a great extent so much so that that I feel like getting my leg amputated while on some occasions I feel like committing suicide.  Prior, I made two suicidal attempts and during one of these attempts I was taken to the hospital by my villagers and the poison got removed my abdomen. The doctor has now suggested me two options either go for amputation or opt for surgery. Prior to this, I was operated twice at Saifi Hospital, Mumbai. Dr Abbas conducted the surgery. I have spent Rs. 2lac – 3 lac over two surgeries.  The condition of my house is very poor. My parents are old and I am unable to do any job. The basic need of my family inclusive of brothers & sisters gets fulfilled with much difficulty by a mother who sells lady fingers. Kindly help me for my surgery and treatment. I want to turn my uneven shaped legs into normal condition. I am experiencing these legs as heavy. I experience the great problem due to it. Kindly provide me help.  

The money will be used to get a proper treatment and surgery required at the Amrit Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Mumbai

Your contributions will help to support my treatment and can make a huge difference for me. 

Please keep my hope alive.


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Get well soon. Be positive. Everything will be alright.

we, on behalf of sewa parmo dharm (trust ) convey to you our 'sincere gratitude' for the donation made from your end for the welfare of destitute, 'specially abled poor and the needy people you would always be blessed bye the "almighty" and by the needy people.