Help The Old Aged - they need your care

by Anjali Sethi

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About the project :

In a single thatched hut with hardly any ventilation, was the person naked and lying on the floor, dense bunch of hair on the head, beard on face, long nails like Chimpanzee, eating and toileting there only, unable to wake up and speak, only signaling his aged wife for help- someone from outside entering the house would indeed be horrified at once. . He was Dama Jena of village Majurigadia in Bhadrak district, once a powerful youth and adult, very hard working daily labour, obedient and a good flute player is no more on this earth, died two years before. Born to a scheduled caste family, he lost his parents in early childhood, never knew what’s like parental love, was nurtured by his uncle till his marriage, lost his only son at the age of 22, his hope and aspiration for the future. Since then he became mentally and physically weak - suicide attempts were averted many times. He was landless, an absolute poverty-stricken person, survived on the old age pension only. At the old age, both husband and wife were the hope for each other to care for. Suffered paralysis two years before he died. No much medical care could be availed except homoeopathic medicine by a distant practitioner through a generous third person in the village. After his death, the wife is left in lurch alone to fend for herself, recollecting the sweet and sour memories of life. There are millions of Dama Jena in this country who spend their days with no hopes in life - live in the present, perhaps in look for God’s help to overcome the sufferings of life. Dama Jena could have lived for some more time had he been properly cared for, provided with basic necessities of life, proper medical treatment etc.

In Buguda and Polasara blocks of Ganjam district, there are thousands of Old and Aged persons who are landless, poverty-stricken and no one to care for. Lord Sri ShiridiSai Baba says that he is present in all living beings and thus tells his disciples to find him in each living being, help all of them in need - that would be the service to the creation of God, the very purpose of humanity. In the present day society, there is need to promote the ideologies and practices of ShriSiridiSai Baba, serving others in need, building a just society where all are equal, live in harmony with each other, get peace of mind and discharge the duties for the greatness of humankind.

About Sri Shiridi Sainath Seva Ashram:

Bestowing faith on Sai Baba’s philosophies and practices and realizing the fact that there is a need to put into practice the principles of Shri Sai Saba, a group of his devotees formed the Sri Shiridi Sainath Seva Ashram Trust at Buguda, an area where inequality, caste-based discrimination, atrocities and poverty of the weaker sections are prominently manifested. The Trust was formally registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in the year 2008 and since then working for the poor and neglected sections of society. The Trust believes in the concept of “ Service to Mankind is Service to God”. To have a meaning for our life, it is the right thing to serve the persons in need and the people craving for help in various spheres of their lives. To its credit, the Trust has about 20 acres of land for building service-based infrastructure to ameliorate the conditions of people and help them to help each other, get peace of mind and promote universalism. The Trust is now popularly known as “SaiShakatiDham”


“Building a just society where people do good to others, live in harmony with others, respect and care for each other, get peace of mind and are free from inequality, discrimination, poverty and hunger.”


“The Mission of Trust is to help the deprived, neglected, discriminated, unprivileged, poor and vulnerable sections of society through the medium of free education, skill based employability training, health care system, caring old and aged, orphan and destitute, feeding the hunger without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex and religion”.

Since its inception till date, the Ashram has taken up a number of activities to help the people in need. Some of its activities include; free child education, vocational training, mobile health care services, distribution of blankets to the helpless old and aged, free food to the hungry soul, distribution of clothes and free distribution of the learning materials to the needy children.


Considering the plight of the helpless aged and old, the Ashram now intends to take up a very focused intervention for the helpless old and aged that could include anyone from the cross sections of society. Although we have been taking up free food distribution, cloth and blanket distribution for them on a limited scale due to paucity of fund, we now plan to take into our fold at least 50 helpless and needy old and aged persons in the Buguda and Polasara blocks of Ganjam district (25 each in every block) to serve them and care for them.

We propose to undertake;

  • Free monthly ration distribution to them
  • Free monthly medical check-up and medicine for them
  • Free yearly cloth and blanket for them
  • Meet their exigencies

The Sai Devotees and volunteers of Trust shall identify them and provide them necessary services.

Duration: At least for one year

Fund required: Rs 10,000/- per person per month x 12 months= Rs 5,00,000


  • Helpless old and aged receive the care and attention
  • Get assured food for the month
  • Healthy life due to medical treatment and food
  • Reliance on God gets fulfilled
  • Overcome suffering

We have future plan to establish an Old Age home within the Sai Premises and expand the programme.

Your benevolent support for this noble cause is highly solicited.


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